Master Series One Intensive Review Video Training


5 video files + 1 pdf file – downloadable
5 Hours



Video taped live “Master Series One” Intensive Review with QL meditation attunements and demonstration collapses. You can learn to do the work through absorbing the vibrations from this video. All the basics will be covered: Hand placements for session work, holding states for collapsing, the wave experience, the meditative experience, creating sacred space, on-going cumulative benefits, what to expect, the client In Take process, follow through and after care, body scanning, how QL is different from other modalities, setting up the state, client resistance to change, strategies, protocols, how to detach from dysfunctional morphogenic fields, star-gates, the 3rd Eye center, theta-delta brain wave states, clearing your space, boundaries and much more. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.