Awaken Your Higher Consciousness Program (Early Bird)

$550.00 / month for 4 months

Class runs from May 7, 2024 to Aug 20, 2024
Early Bird Price is $550 for 4 months
4 Payments of $675 once Early Bird ends

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To the indigos, rainbow warriors, life coaches, therapists, authors, mothers, artists, energy workers, change agents, etc. You know who you are! This is your opportunity to evolve your practice and teaching approaches to the next level in the planetary ascension work and service to humanity. This program is open to all who resonate with these words…

This is Kenji sharing with you my vision for your self mastery and awakening. I have created a 16-module format designed to address the major core patterns that have inhibited your full self expression in a state of compassion. I and the Guides are offering this unique program because it is my calling, a spiritual urge I have had since childhood. We will, in this acceleration program, show you the Who, the What and the Why in your journey to authenticity, transparency and the embodiment of your HIgh Self. Please join me for an overview of this advanced mastery program. I will answer your questions and transmit an alignment activation for the group.

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