Need for Perfection Online Activation Replay


Don’t strive for perfection any longer.

Pre-New Moon Activation
Originally Aired Thursday, Sep 29, 2016
1:00-2:00 pm PT/ 4:00-5:00 pm ET
A replay and transcription will be included.


Don’t strive for perfection any longer.

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to live up to the idea of “being perfect”?

Like you’re striving to be the “perfect” parent, teacher, practitioner, spiritual teacher, human being?

Are your kids also trying to be the perfect student, athlete, son or daughter?

Like you overwork yourself, thinking about all the little things that need to get done at home and work, feeling the pressure to be on point and at top of your game?

Does this feeling ever stop you from sharing your deepest gifts with the world?

By and large, religious and cultural conditioning has taught us all that we aren’t perfect, that we have to do something to redeem ourselves. And certainly the education system didn’t show us how to be holistically functioning human beings, nor did it give us the tools to handle the daily grind of earth living.

There’s been very little space made for us to express our exquisite uniqueness in a way that nurtures deep happiness and joy.

In this one-hour spontaneous transmission from the quantum, we’ll journey into the realms of our “need for perfection”, of being something we’re not. We’ll tap into hidden places in our conditioning where we bought the false belief that we’re not perfect and hence, we strive to be achieve a state of perfection…

What if we could tap into that pristine inner space where we are “just ourselves”, where knowledge, knowing, being and presence exists in it’s natural state of becoming?

What if we could live life from that place “where God created us to Be”? Where we could rest in sacred remembrance of “all that is given, is given for all Eternity’? What would it feel like to heal and transmute the unnatural perpetuation of outward perfection?

This moon event is an opportunity to be free of needs, wants, judgment and lack.

This is an opportunity to deep dive into freedom from ancestral imprints and samskaras that are holding us in the matrix of limitation and suffering…to heal the stress of striving and worry of not being good enough.

Join us for a powerful journey into the light of understanding where we all can exist on the earth plane as sovereign beings of love and compassion.

Let’s use the power of this new moon to bloom open new beginnings.