New Moon Higher Consciousness Meditation


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live, September 14th, 2023
43 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Join us for a New Moon Higher Consciousness Meditation as we continue to move through the density of the earth changes and collective spiritual awakening. This New Moon is an excellent time to raise our consciousness beyond the 4th density and into the higher dimensions of creative thought and manifestation.
The Earth is experiencing much dis-stress and this collective gathering of Starseeds will assist in the de-stressing of the planetary grid system and chakra system, not to mention the de-stressing of your nervous and glandular systems. We will do a spontaneous guided meditation and empowerment activation to clear our fields, release unwanted density and clear the unconscious emotional stress of this planetary transition phase which the Hathors have called “a chaotic node”.
We will be assisted by the 9th dimensional Arcturian High Council and angelic presences as well as your guardian angels. It is recommended to wear colors of white, golden, pink, emerald and earth tone socks. And dab some pure Frankincense essential oil on your 3rd Eye, throat and breast bone, and light a white candle before the activation begins to help set sacred space for your inner journey.
We invite you to bring a friend to the Live call, your pets and invite your ancestors and family members to attend on the 5th dimension. Repeated listening is suggested as is drinking more water and taking detox baths. Activations are live,  organic and evergreen and will run in the background of your life until complete, according to your belief and trust in Self. Benefits are cumulative and unfold over time, as needed, so Trust.