June New Moon – Money Healing Meditation


Liberated Illumination through Trust and Empowerment, Igniting Joyful Connection.

Recorded on the June Super New Moon
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A one hour activation meditation guided by Kenji.

Most of us hold unconscious generational and tribal consciousness conditionings in our DNA around money: the use of money, the receiving of money and the management of money. We live in a time where money is necessary for our survival and happiness. In this much needed call, we will go into our hidden money world to uncover the beliefs we have taken on from our ancestors, family members, friends, colleagues and teachers so we can finally heal the blocks to abundance, prosperity and unlimited thinking.

Generations have gone through wars, depressions, recessions and famines which have influenced their world view of money, power and status. These beliefs have been passed down through the generations and are held in our coding. Wonder why you have such problems earning money as a lightweaver, as a visionary, a thought leader, as a change agent? Why are there starving artists and healers? Why are spiritual types lacking in money flow? Why is there black lash on charging money for healing sessions? Why are people judging others who are trying to make a living as a lightweaver?

Join us in this journey of awakening to a new world view around money and creativity. Your ancestors are welcome to attend.