Nourish Your Physical Body – New Earth Transmission 4 (Full Moon)


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Calibrating Your Atmosphere — It’s time to nourish your body

Join us for this special Full Moon presentation from the sacred heart of the New Earth. Just as you desire to speak with the New Earth, the new GAIA wishes to do the same with you. Tonight we are going to create your rainbow bridge to the new earth and the enlightened civilizations with her womb. This event will be a sampling of your womb healing as you move deeper into your own mysteries of the soul. The masters are waiting for you to align with them, for they are great in their wisdom of how to live upon the earth in divine balance and harmony.

We will journey together into the 5th dimension (and more) of the New Earth and receive the wisdom teachings as it echoes your innate understanding of All That Is. Allow yourself today to receive the guidance that you have been seeking. Allow your physical body to be nourished with the healing atoms and molecules of New Earth awareness. Allow your mind and emotions to be healed through the power of New Earth Grace. Allow yourself to be Blessed with the Light of Understanding and the Peace that passes all mental understandings.

The Full Moon will enhance and magnify your Intentions and heart-felt desires. New Millennials and your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend.

This transmission is evergreen. Originally Recorded Live Tues, April 27th, 2021