Planetary Light Meditation 10


Theme: Releasing Your Anxiety & Stress / Planetary Cleansing. Custom Activation on your Intentions

MP3 + Video Activation


Join us in this follow up Video Webinar presentation of our precious PLM activations. The world is still processing the effects of the back and forth lockdown and social distancing mis-information. Who and what is believable? Is what is being narrated true or not? How do I trust my common sense and intuition? What am I to make of my future? Is there even a future? Do I want to even live in this confused world? These questions, and more will be addressed in the presentation and custom activation. We each are the creator of our experience, and we each have the innate power of free choice in what to believe in. We each can release our stress and anxiety about our future, our relationships, our career and life path. We each are sovereign beings of consciousness, and as we choose such, we become it.

Your expressed Intentions will deter the guided custom meditation that will be spontaneously presented to each one of you personally as we journey together in the LIght of Understanding and Truth. Be prepared for another amazing gathering of Souls as we spin the cocoon of light around the planet. We will be assisted by the Great White Brotherhood /Sisterhood and Alpha and Omega and the divine presence of GAIA. Your ancestors, family members and pets are most welcome to attend. The new millennial generation are most welcome.

Recorded live Sunday, Aug 9th, 2020