Planetary Light Meditation 12


MP3 + Video Activation Meditation


In this continuing series, Planetary Light Meditation 12 will focus on assisting in the clearing of the planetary “intensity and heaviness” that is upon humanity. So much drama news is saturating the airwaves and affecting young and old alike and is triggering the “fear”, “doubt”, “anxiety”, “panic”, “worry” and “depression” response in the general population and those that are not yet awake enough to see the truth of things and the ascension process of GAIA.

We will be aligning with the power of 12 as we call in the 12 Tribes of the Hierarchy and the 12 Tribes of Inner Earth. 12 represents the Rays of the New Earth and the Ascension. This transmission will be a potent catalyzing event for humanity and the planet. It’s effect will go deep into the womb of the Earth Mother. The Rays, powered by the Central Sun, has the inherent capacity to change the sequencing and reorganization of your DNA/RNA strands as we have an opportunity to move out of the astral veil and into the Clear Light of cosmic mind.

Together we will call for, once again, Divine Intervention for the world condition and the freeing of all souls from the bondage of suffering and pain as we call forth the overlay of the Divine Plan for all of Life for this galaxy. New Millennial generation and all Indigos are most welcome, as are your pets, family members and ancestors.

“Thank You. Very beautiful, gentle. yet powerful.”
— Katherine R.

This activation is evergreen. Recorded Live Sunday, Sep 6, 2020