Planetary Light Meditation 9


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As we continue to journey further into this series, our focus today will be on deepening our transcendental experience of the ascension process and healing the post global event stress. As the planetary cleansing process continues and more and more fake news and intel saturates the media platforms, we have a choice to master the art of detachment and neutrality and to balance our 4 lower bodies from the pressure of historical patterns that are being released. The collective astral plane is being cleansed and purified with much resistance from those in power and control. This is a time for us to practice our mastery in remaining in the center of the hurricane; to remain in the center of the cyclone; to remain in the stillness of our heart.

With our knowledge that energy follows thought and that our intentions create our reality and response to that creation, we have the opportunity to envision the world we want to live in and how we will relate to humanity, the earth and the divine presence. We will move into the vibration of possibility and potential so our mind and emotions can be empowered with divine balance and harmony. A planetary cleansing will be offered in the activation.

What people are saying:

“I cried at the end of this, not from any sadness but because the energies were so beautiful, subtle and powerful. I love the planetary healing stuff… still resonating very strongly with me as I type this. This is the most connected I’ve felt with the earth mother and the most confident I’ve felt in walking the New Earth energies into being. Divine Blessings <3” – Donna H.

“Fantastic meditation and so needed, Thank You”
~ Maria L.

This Activation was recorded *live* Sunday, July 26th, 2020