Clear and Perfect Channel – Aligning to Source


(Live Event) Master Series Intensive Attunements,
Recorded March 2012, Fairfield, IA
5 Audio files
Total Length: 155:00



Live meditations and Activations from Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 1 Intensive in Fairfield, IA March 2012. Deep, transformational processes and life-changing activations.  These attunements bring you into direct alignment with Source and the powerful Quantum Lightweaving® matrix.

5 Audio Files
Total Length: 155 Minutes
Audios Included:

a. “Clear and Perfect Channel”
b. “Inner Child Healing- Family Ties”
c. “Harmony and Balance- Meditation With Trees”
d. “Ecstatic Union- Removing Blocks to Intimacy”
e. “New Earth Visions- A Guided Tour”

Themes include: Clear and Perfect Channel – New Earth Alignment – Source Alignment – Parental Relationships – Balance/Harmony – Intimacy/Sexuality – Union with Prime Source – Destroying Illusion – Re-birthing the New – Clearing core issues – Accessing higher Consciousness – Oneness – Letting Go of Pain – Freedom