Planetary Light Meditation II


1 Hour 7 Mins Audio MP3


Please join us for another Planetary Light Meditation to support our ascension into 5-D (and beyond) and the New Earth matrix.

When 2 or more are gathered it produces an exponential quantum effect on humanity, GAIA and our solar system and galaxy.

“Wow! Just Wow! Thank you Kenji Kumara. So Grateful for Everything you do! Thank you for all of these beautiful downloads. I love every single one of them.” – Tish J.

Whatever you believe to be happening behind the scenes, this time in history will have a profound effect on the course of humanity and our beloved earth Mother. We have the opportunity to course-correct back to our original design matrix and time line and to be free of all the limitation, pain and suffering that have been passed down through generations upon generations. The old matrix is leaving and we all now can co-create the life we have dreamed of. We are in the null zone and birthing a new wave of civilization within each of us, and collectively, with the help from the Realms of Love and Light.

This presentation and activation will be a spontaneous transmission for the embodiment of heaven on earth and the realization of divinity in our physical body. We will build the Light quotient in our physical body so that we can be the actualization of the Living Light on earth. The alignment of our Light Body with our brain and heart is paramount in the self awakening process and in the resurrection from the known to the unknown, which is our potential and possibility.

Segments of this presentation will touch upon what is needed for your acceleration and how we can all help to earth to upgrade into her new crystalline grid and chakra system. We will address how to uplift the dense energy that is stuck in the atmosphere of the earth and in the collective unconscious of humanity and how to enlighten our force fields and release the earth bound souls . We will guide you in bringing compassion to all those that are suffering and in fear and doubt and support all those world servers who are helping those that are making transition and in need of financial, medical and psychology help.

We will work specifically with the Central Sun energy, Sanat Kumara/Lady Venus, the Christ Family, Archangel Metatron, the Violet Ray, Master Kuthumi, GAIA’s sacred heart and the A Team (quantum extraction specialists).

All paths, faiths and ages welcome, as are your pets and ancestors. Activations are evergreen and alive and are relevant in any time-space continuum. Please drink water after listening and be very grounded when driving. It is best to listen in a quiet environment, away from all distractions.

Our goal is to have 500 people on this group call, so let’s make it happen!

Recorded live Sun, April 26, 2020 (90 mins)