Path to Illumination & Liberation — Australian Retreat Activation Collection


13 MP3 Activation Files



Path to Illumination & Liberation
with Kenji Kumara

1st Australian Retreat Activation Package
(recorded live at Gymea, NSW, Australia, Sept. 2018)


This illuminating and liberating Australian small group retreat with renowned healer Kenji Kumara was held at the stunning Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa, New South Wales in September 2018.

The energy at this venue was particularly powerful due to it being nestled in a green, rich, rainforest valley, not far from a sacred mountain. This tranquil yet invigorating jungle location, with its trees, birds, kangaroos and Magnesium pool added something extra special to the group’s retreat and the recordings.

This comprehensive and powerful package contains the live recordings of all 13 magical initiations and attunements from this retreat.

What people are saying:

“Everything what happened with me before the Australia retreat, at the retreat and after was just pure magic. We managed to clear lifetimes of blockages! We did rebirth, cleared every trauma possible. I was reborn, I had a second chance on my life, free from trauma and health issues. I had to tackle major financial issues, post separation issues. I was determined to find my life purpose. I am working on getting my intuitive business up and running. I embraced myself for who I am and I am flowing my life passion to empower women with my Akashic records readings.”

— Angelica Isis Azura, Australia

About Kenji

Kenji Kumara is a channel for ascended energies, a spiritual catalyst, creator of Quantum Lightweaving & Sedona Vortex Activation, and has dedicated his lifelong spiritual journey to the exploration of the quantum consciousness field. He has integrated spiritual psychology, medical hypnotherapy, holistic education, transpersonal counseling and transformational healing arts into his practice of Quantum Lightweaving.

Kenji is a leading edge visionary and pioneer in the field of energy consciousness. He works as a messenger, helping to guide people from every corner of the globe into ‘New Earth consciousness’ and understanding of their spiritual potential. He lives a peaceful life in a beautiful tree house, and teaches without boundaries or categorisation.

Kenji acts as a bridge to the quantum, helping those ready to spiritually awaken and develop. He keeps the work simple, effortless and easy with his humorous and grounded style. Kenji has a gift for helping others understand their life’s purpose and claim their true destiny. He helps retreat participants to change their thinking, move beyond limitations, reconnect to their spirit, and see the world with a new perspective of joy and bliss.
Now YOU TOO can have your very own retreat experience, wherever you live!

Have you ever dreamed of attending a live retreat event such as this, but for whatever reason have as yet not done so? Now is your chance! At this vitally important and unique time in our history, humans and Gaia are transitioning from the density of the 3rd dimension, to the lighter, more spiritual 5th dimension, and could do with all the support we can get on our beautiful yet at times challenging journey. Why not tap into the transformational energy of this retreat, and benefit from all the support of Kenji and ‘The Team’? (No travelling necessary!)

Find your own nurturing space, some quiet time to ‘go within’, imagine yourself at the tranquil eco retreat, and listen at your leisure to this collection of potentially life changing activations and initiations. Kenji recommends approaching this work “with an open mind, open heart and open inner child.” He feels that “all experiences are possible”, and that “what you experience is up to your spirit in relationship to your mind and heart.”
Listen again and again whenever convenient for you, for consolidation and maximum benefit.

About the Retreat Activations/Initiations

Kenji and his group went deeply within during their 5 sacred days together, supported by their higher selves, Mother Earth (‘Gaia’), nature spirits, Guardian Angels, soul group, spirit guides and ‘Council of Light’.

During the spontaneously guided activations, Kenji gives you a meditation protocol, and simple, enjoyable grounding and centering exercises. He teaches you to activate your ‘still point’ and align with the creative center of the Universe. Kenji teaches you how to feel, clear and release the trapped emotional and mental energies in your physical body and plenty more besides. All processes are gentle, loving and given with great care for your wellbeing.

Kenji’s transformative retreat package will help support you in your:

  • Spiritual awakening
  • Ascension process
  • Higher consciousness connection
  • Connection to Gaia/Mother Earth and the animal kingdom
  • Soul path
  • Personal mission
  • Ability to release what no longer serves you
  • Relationships with self and others
  • Healing at the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels
  • Manifestation abilities
  • Connection with your angels, spirit guides and light beings

and much much more!


Activations Included:

Activation 1 – Mother Earth and the ‘Oneness’ Connection (23 minutes)

Activation 2 – Wisdom from the Higher Self and the Cosmos (17 minutes)

Activation 3 – Further Wisdom from the Higher Self & Akashic Records (33 minutes)

Activation 4 – Letting Go of Resistance & Opening to Possibilities (30 minutes)

Activation 5 – Multi level 5th Chakra Celestial Healing Journey (34 minutes)

Activation 6 – Healing Journey Through the Chakras (50 minutes)

Activation 7 – Water Element Experience (13 minutes)

Activation 8 – Reclaiming all of you, and embracing your powerful self (29 minutes)

Activation 9 – Gaia’s Lullaby (17 minutes)

Activation 10 – Baptismal Ceremony of the ‘I AM’ Spirit Integration (20 minutes)

Activation 11 – Post Baptismal Energetic Consolidation (30 minutes)

Activation 12 – A Conscious and Empowered Birthing Experience (38 minutes)

Activation 13 – Review, Reflection, Assimilation (32 minutes)

ACTIVATION 1, Day 1 (23 Minutes)

Mother Earth and the ‘Oneness’ Connection

Kenji Kumara begins day 1 of this unforgettable Australian retreat with what is known as an ‘energetic overview’ activation. He sets the scene for the 5 days with this gentle yet powerful ceremony, attuning participants to the energy of nature, stillness, and ‘oneness’. This draws upon the sacred energies of Uluru, Sedona and the jungle environment local to the Gymea retreat.

You will:

  • Be encouraged with the help of your very own guides to use your breath, senses and intuition to tune into the heartbeat of Mother Earth (wherever in the world you may be listening).
  • Be guided to notice the ways that nature and ‘power animals’ wish to make themselves known and connect with you
  • Align with your own star system and soul group
  • Connect with the oneness through grounding, breath and more
  • Learn with ease how to let go, disconnect and rise above the current world chaos!
  • Be encouraged to let go of the fear of change, and remain in that higher vibration
  • Give your ‘inner child’ some ‘TLC’
  • Gain a deeper understanding of, and new perspective on how we view pain, and that now is the time to change how we interpret it
  • Tap into healing vibrations, send them to your body and raise your consciousness
  • Connect with the ‘I AM’ Source of all energy which you ARE, and reflect on your current reality from that perspective of higher consciousness

Additional note from Kenji on the further potential benefits:

“You are attuning your body back to its natural state, so that you’ll be more centered, balanced, stronger, more flexible, expanded and grounded. Be aware of the symbolism in your dreams, and write any intuitive flashes down in your notebook. You may have visions of your future possibilities.”

ACTIVATION 2, Day 1 (17 Minutes)

Wisdom from the Higher Self and Cosmos

The second activation of the day builds upon the foundations of the first. Having connected with Mother Earth, Kenji now encourages participants to breathe as one with her, aligning the vibrations at just the right level for each individual. Star beings are invited to assist in reconnecting everyone present to their all knowing, powerful multidimensional self. Helpful insights are then sought and the awareness brought back to the here and now for reflection and future action.

You will:

  • Regain the ‘oneness’ with Mother Earth through breathing techniques
  • Reconnect with your powerful multidimensional self, again supported by your own healing team and guardian angel
  • Receive information and codes from your higher self and download them into your brain, nervous system and emotional body
  • Use your psychic senses to assess the quality of your emotional body, and its relationship with your physical body and the Universe
  • Access helpful information and insights whilst in a ‘quantum state’
  • Bring back answers to important, insightful questions about the nature of your life

ACTIVATION 3, Day 1 (33 minutes)

Further Wisdom from the Higher Self & Akashic Records

The final activation of day 1 builds upon the ability to access higher self wisdom (learned in activation 2 earlier in the day). Having already accessed insights into the participants’ emotional wellbeing, this time it is the physical body and energetic systems which are the main focus. Body parts and chakras are included in this thorough energetic ‘tune up’!
Kenji guides the recalling of valuable information from the Akashic records, and helps with its interpretation for future use in everyday life.

You will:

  • Improve your ability to breathe into the ‘oneness’, letting go of life’s chaos
  • Relax into a theta delta brainwave frequency (the optimal frequency for healing)
  • Receive an energetic ‘tune up’ at every level, including chakras and body parts
  • Invoke within yourself the power to see and express truth
  • Choose to be present, loving and disengaged from suffering of any kind
  • Bring peace to your inner child
  • Connect back to the ‘Source’ of your life force
  • Be nurtured by the energies of Mother Earth, whilst recalling memories of past times living in harmony with nature and the animal kingdom
  • Access your own Akashic records, and agreements you once made
  • Gather valuable information from these records that relates to health and more
  • Energetically bring back information and insights to the ‘here and now’ so that it helps on a practical level with your everyday life

ACTIVATION 4, Day 2 (30 minutes)

Letting Go of Resistance & Opening to Possibilities

Day 2 of the beautiful Gymea retreat begins with relaxing everyone into the oneness. Kenji then helps participants to identify anything in the way of receiving the maximum benefits of the activations. He guides them regarding how to set aside any blocks and in releasing resistance. The angelic realm, Ascended Masters, Council of 14 and elementals join the group on this journey.

You will:

  • Connect with Kenji’s ‘Council of 14’ cosmic energies who will assist you on your journey
  • Feel cocooned by the brilliant pink/golden light of the Council of 14
  • Enter a deep state of relaxation, ensuring all body parts are free from any tension
  • Learn to let go, and release any resistance to receiving the benefits
  • Identify any blockages, fears and limiting beliefs, so that they may be acknowledged and moved through with ease and grace
  • Open up to the possibility of receiving communications from benevolent high level beings, including the angelic realm and elementals

ACTIVATION 5, Day 2 (34 minutes)

Multi level 5th Chakra Celestial Healing Journey

Kenji pre-frames Activation number 5 as being an “out of body journey to Venus!”
The focus of this celestial themed journey is the opening up and healing of the 5th Chakra at all 144,000 levels.

You will:

  • Learn more about the ever supportive ‘Council of 14’
  • Be reminded how to ground and be present
  • Easily and quickly let go of life stressors and be fully present ‘in the now’
  • Access the wisdom contained in your Akashic Records
  • Apply Akashic wisdom to any and all issues governed by your throat chakra. This includes the anatomy of that area, self expression and related past life experiences
  • Receive energetic attunements to help relieve the trauma of surgeries
  • Travel out of body to Earth’s Sister planet Venus and engage with all senses
  • Visit a celestial ‘sanctuary of light’, where you may receive communications and wisdom from Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus
  • Notice what is presented to you, which may possibly include forms of light code
  • Feel the connection and blessings within your group, Gaia and the ‘I AM’ presence
  • Send forth the sacred energies so that they may fill your home and all aspects of your life, now and into the future


ACTIVATION 6, Day 3 (50 minutes)

Healing journey through the chakras

This is the 1st activation of day 3 (the 6th overall for the retreat), and this transformative experience is dedicated to the chakra system. Kenji describes it as “creating more space for spontaneous expression, and the healing of trauma within the chakra system.”

You will:

  • Be guided through breathwork and gentle prompts from Kenji, to embody your ‘I Am Presence’
  • Invite your inner child, Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, ‘Council of 14’ and other beings of 100% light to support you
  • Re-establish your divine connection with the earth, nature, the cosmos and more
  • Connect with the stunning and translucent, crystalline emerald energy healing ‘ray’
  • Allow the emerald ray and the essence of the ‘Great Central Sun’ to gently clear and balance your chakras at all levels
  • Be open to transmuting the energy of any emotional, spiritual or physical discord
  • Infuse the Christ light into your body at a cellular level
  • Build your sense of self worth and self belief, and reclaim your power
  • Receive many possible benefits by ‘reclaiming’ each chakra – from ‘Earth Star’ beneath the feet, all the way up to the crown and above
  • Conclude this powerful activation with an infusion of golden and white light


ACTIVATION 7, Day 3 (13 minutes)

Water Element experience

The 2nd activation of the day finds the group outside in the Magnesium pool, for a blissful activation supported by the element of Water. If listening at home, why not run yourself an Epsom salt bath, or grab your foot spa, light your aromatherapy candles and imagine you’re there…

You will:

  • Feel a real connection and union with the Water element
  • Intend for the assimilation of minerals to benefit the body’s muscles and connective tissue
  • Take this time in relaxation to really hear/connect with the sounds of nature, and the healing vibrations of the birdsong, wind and water
  • Learn to let go, breathe deeply and totally relax
  • Capture nature’s sounds and sensations, so that you may recall the sense of deep relaxation at any time in the future
  • Give your body permission to heal at all levels
  • Feel your body become cleansed, nourished, recharged, refreshed and invigorated

ACTIVATION 8, Day 3 (29 minutes)

Reclaiming all of you, and embracing your powerful self

This is the afternoon activation for day 3, during which Kenji guides the group to disengage from everyday ‘3rd dimensional life’, connect with the ‘oversoul’ and connect with the bigger picture. Participants lift the veil of forgetfulness, and are guided to recall how powerful and masterful they have been and currently are. All ‘fragments’ of self that may have become lost are called back and beautifully integrated via ‘golden ray’ energy.

You will:

  • Call forth and harness the power of the elements
  • Tap into the energy of the locality of the retreat, including the sacred, majestic Mountain and volcanic valley
  • Remember the significance of this area to your past lives or parallel Universes
  • Open up the 7 ‘channels’ and allow information relevant to this life to enter the heart chakra.
  • Store downloaded information in your brain, so that it is accessible when needed in the future
  • Harness the power of other (real or imagined) lives where you have demonstrated Mastership of your emotions, thoughts, manifestation, psychic abilities, and potential
  • Realise that you are the ‘Master Conductor’ of your own symphony of possibilities
  • Imagine the liberation of being free from all programming that is not of 100% divine compassion, light and love
  • Imagine freedom from fear and limitations, and instead being in perfect balance
  • Imagine and bring in the feelings of being healthy and in your power
  • Call back/’resurrect’ fragments of yourself through the power of the golden ray and the teachings of the Christ family
  • Invite powerpoint activation, for balance and harmony of the nervous system

ACTIVATION 9, Day 3 (17 minutes)

Gaia’s Lullaby

Kenji introduced the retreat’s day 3 evening meditation as being one that “may be used at any time you wish to mellow out, and to get back into the flow from a full day’s work. It’s a great meditation to do before sleep, and/or for power naps.”

You will:

  • Invoke waves of light to relax your body
  • Feel as if cocooned in a nurturing bubble of light and energy
  • Allow Mother Earth to cradle you with her unconditional love and support for your mutual ascension process
  • Hear the nature based lullaby that Gaia sings as a personal message to you
  • Ask the Grand Central Sun to support you in feeling whole and energized
  • Feel your energies infused with the Christed light
  • Learn how to take the powerful, protective pillars of light wherever you go

ACTIVATION 10, Day 4 (20 minutes)

Baptismal Ceremony of the ‘I AM’ Spirit Integration

Kenji’s ‘baptismal ceremony’ is a beautiful initiation which supports participants in consciously reconnecting with spirit, the energies of the heart, and the purity of soul. It offers many wonderful benefits, including the opportunity to be a fearless lightweaver – the authentic ‘I AM’ presence embodied in human form upon the earth.

Kenji advises “what you experience is up to your spirit in relationship to your mind and heart. All things are possible – all experiences are possible! What you will receive during this ceremony, should you choose to experience it, will be forthcoming in the weeks and months to follow. It is best to enter this ceremony with open mind, open heart and open inner child.”

You will:

  • Be accompanied by heavenly realm guides including the Kumaras, the Christ family and the energies from Venus
  • Bring light deep into the pineal cavity and all areas of the brain
  • Connect once again with nature and the elements, so evident at Gymea eco retreat
  • Consciously reconnect with your spirit, your heart energy and your pure soul
  • Be offered the opportunity to be a fearless lightweaver
  • Be encouraged to fully embody your multidimensional ‘I AM’ presence
  • Invite and be open to miracles manifesting in your life
  • Experience the power of grace and possibilities

ACTIVATION 11, Day 4 (30 minutes)

Post Baptismal Energetic Consolidation

This is the afternoon activation following the baptismal ceremony initiation experience. It is an energetic follow up, giving participants a fuller conscious experience of their initiation, and who was there assisting.

You will:

  • Use imagination to transport yourself once again to the nurturing Magnesium pool
  • Gently immerse your body into the imaginary water whilst engaging all senses
  • Imagine your physical body floating, whilst connecting with the water element and supportive underwater beings
  • Access deep theta brainwave rhythm
  • Feel your body becoming alive, cell by cell as the chi grows and energises you
  • Perceive energetic responses to reflective sparkles of light
  • Invite your frequency to move to the next octave of evolution
  • Experience recalibrations in response to a new, higher vibration
  • Intend for 3rd eye releases and new perceptions
  • Emerge in a new body, carrying the frequency of new understandings and integrations

ACTIVATION 12, Day 4 (38 minutes)

A Conscious and Empowered Birthing Experience

The group’s evening activation for the day invites in the ‘birthing angels’ to assist in this transformative rebirthing journey.

You will:

  • Journey, through a portal to a celestial healing chamber within a temple
  • Review with your ‘team’ on the inner planes, your ‘earth agreement’ – your contract for this lifetime
  • Feel truly relaxed and at peace
  • Gain understandings about your current life, the key people around you, your career, partners and more
  • Bring light into the body and align to the perfect vibration for your ‘birth’
  • Make your birth experience a conscious choice, whilst standing strong in your sovereignty, essence, authenticity, ethics and truth
  • Bring such powerful light and presence into the birthing experience that it transmutes any perceived limitations
  • Direct your own experience, recognising your power as Master Archetype of your reality
  • Bring back lessons to the current time, so that you feel awake, balanced and fearless
  • Set the intention/energy to experience the joy vibration now and in future

Baptism Processor – New Earth Upgrade – Activation 11 Day 4 (30 minutes)

This is a return to Self-integration process via subtle energetic cues using water elemental & your native animal totems. Uber gentle, sympathetic frequency bath designed for all past life & present life for all deep & residual trauma issues related to water whilst support by this quintessential life force essence moves through you & for you as you are delicately supported by partner element of air & charged by sun sparkles to bring you back on line – cell by cell.

Inner light circuits are reactivated throughout your body structure as it synchronizes to the perfection of the elements present – bringing mental calm & amplifying & expanding your personal vibration upgrading your central nervous & brain systems.

This activation prepares you for New Earth perceptivity & receptivity.

Expect rarification of your psychic gift capacity & chakra attunements elevation to support new mind-body levels.

New Earth rebirth.

ACTIVATION 13, Day 5 (32 minutes)

Review, reflection, assimilation

This is the last day of the Gymea retreat, and the final one of a transformational series of activations and initiations. Kenji guides the reflection and ensures that the group members review and maximise all the learning, awareness and energetic upgrades, as a result of this beautiful experience.

You will:

  • Call forth and receive the energies of the land, the essence of Uluru, and the animal kingdom for the last time
  • Be guided to move through a golden arc of light into the ‘quantum zone’ – gaining the perfect perspective for reflecting
  • Review and reflect upon all the activations/meditations/initiations in this retreat/package
  • Review and reflect upon all the dreams that you experienced during this time
  • Gain deep understanding of what you have integrated at a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level
  • Learn a few last powerful, energetic techniques to take forward into your life
  • Receive any additional, final messages from this retreat
  • Go forth in joy, bliss, peace and gratitude, embracing the ‘now moment’