Pre Full Moon – Christ Healing Template


Pre Full MoonChrist Healing Template
Recorded Sep 7, 2022
Activation Meditation
Audio + Video Instant Download
Length 45 minutes

Early Bird till September 4th

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In this unique Pre Full Moon activation, we are going to initiate the Christ Healing Template for dimensions 1 through 4 of your mind-body matrix. Christ Consciousness refers to a state of consciousness, frequency and vibration that expresses itself in a state of oneness, love, compassion, wisdom and divine intelligence that is the most powerful Energy in Creation and is the Seed Thought of your Beingness and Isness. The Christ Energy is the Seed Thought of Creation itself and manifests on all levels of Creation, in all Universes and Galaxies – and is that Power that Creates the true reality of your Being and Spirit.

Join us for a remarkable inner journey of Light as we align with all those christed masters, angelics and unicorns that will serve us in this unique presentation as we uplift our 4 lower dimensional bodies into a more refined frequency of Light and radiance. Those that will be joining us will be: Sanat Kumara, Melchizedek, Kwan Yin, Lady Venus, the Hathors from the Dhal Universe,  the Elohim of Love, Archangel Raphael, the Unicorn Kingdom and the Dragons from Venus.

Your Inner Child, ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend. Come prepared for a most unique experience that will be on-going until completion, on many levels of your consciousness and physical body.