Pre Wolf Full Moon – Angelic Attunement #1 Enochian


Meditation Activation
Recorded Live Jan 5, 2023
Length 55 Minutes
*Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript
Early Bird till January 2nd



In this special Series we will touch on some of the Angelics’ that help and support us on our Journey Home, we will start off the Series with an attunement with the Enochian Angels, (a group consciousness under the umbrella of the Archangels) that “holds” frequencies of very high magical systems that can be utilized by humanity for self healing, expanded awareness and accelerated spiritual evolution.

Om So Hum as The Word, acknowledges the Oneness, communion and celebration that already is, and creates ascended master consciousness. Enochian Angelicsconnect us to our journey wave and the secrets of Creation. They bring healing, protection and joy and supports humanity in creating a new life through new ideas.

Come join us live or via replay for an amplified celebratory activation that will initiate a new beginning for you. As always, your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend on the 5th Dimension. It is highly recommended to listen to attunements with earbuds or headphones and as often as needed. All activations are live, evergreen and organic and continue to run in the background in your life until complete per your free will. Remember to drink blessed water for your water elemental self.