Pre Wolf Full Moon – Angelic Attunement #1 Enochian


Meditation Activation
Recorded Live Jan 5, 2023
Length 55 Minutes
*Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript
Early Bird till January 2nd



This is the first class in a series on the Angelics. You will be presented with different levels of angelic wisdom for your deeper connection with all of life and all aspects of your life. This activation is organic, evergreen, is forever in the quantum for your use as you will experience different levels of information with each listening. Enochian Angels are under the umbrella of the Archangels. They hold very high frequencies that can be utilized by humans for expanded healing, awareness, evolution and spiritual growth. The Angelics support humanity by assisting our creation of a new life through new ideas which is very important in this year of changes that we are all experiencing. As Kenji guides, you’ll see Gaia as a planetary spirit through the journey to higher dimensions. You will tap into your inner magic which is the power to manifest. You will receive a full chakra, nadi and auric field cleansing. Stuck energies and past experiences that are not integrated into your present self will receive purification to allow them to work through your system. You will learn the mantra of Om So Hum which acknowledges the Oneness that creates Master Consciousness.

Your alignment with the Enochian Angelics will teach you where your blockages are and how to purify them. You will learn how to unlock creative ideas in all areas of your life to assist you with the current shifts and changes. This year is the time to use your gifts. As always your pets and ancestors are welcome to attend and it is best to use earbuds or headphones to listen to the activation.