Quantum Activation Morning – 9 Sept


$22 USD (~$29.95 AUD)
Sept 9, 2018
10am to 12 noon AEST
Sorrento beach shack
5 Lister Avenue Sorrento



This venue is a 2 minute walk from the Bay Trail / Sullivans Bay beach and 15 minute drive to the Peninsula Hot Springs. Limited to 20 people only. Be quick for this intimate opportunity!

We will welcome you into the field of “Quantum Awesomeness” where anything is possible. We invite you and your friends to join us for a unique opportunity to shift your awareness, empower your spirit and for your body to experience the joy of healing.

Each Intro will have a different perspective on How To Create Peace In Your Life. All the presentations will be spontaneously transmitted according to the interests and level of each group and will be an introduction to the Gymea retreat and what you can expect to receive from your attendance. A recorded group activation and Q & A will conclude the presentations.

Many earth changes are afoot and Kenji will provide some tips and suggestions on how to navigate through these intense transformations and changes. Humanity is being challenged to look at and resolve all past issues, traumas, incomplete emotional experiences and memories. Humanity is being asked to do your homework in order to be aligned with the cosmic vibrations that are upon the planet so we all can move into the New Earth with more joy, peace, love and divine balance.

Kenji will offer Personal (one-to-one) Empowerment Sessions from this location at 2pm, 3.30pm and 7pm. These sessions at USD $250 run for 60 minutes each. Empowerment sessions are offered to help those that are ready to align with their higher selves, their soul mission and their reason for being on the planet at this time. These sessions are given on a quantum level of oneness and helps initiate the inner transformation that you ready for. Hands-on energy work or a “wave” experience will be given.

Bookings through: www.kenjikumara.com or Vanessa on 0432 272 443.

Quantum Activation Evenings & Mornings Schedule:

5 Sept – 7 to 9pm AEST – Northcote Town Hall – Get Tickets
6 Sept – 7 to 9pm AEST – Northcote Town Hall – Get Tickets
7 Sept – 7 to 9pm AEST – Northcote Town Hall – Get Tickets
8 Sept – 10am to 12 noon AEST – Sorrento Beach Shack – Get Tickets
9 Sept – 10am to 12 noon AEST – Sorrento Beach Shack – Get Tickets
10 Sept – 7 – 9pm AEST – HUESA Mankind Ancestar’s Alter – Get Tickets
11 Sept – 7 – 9pm AEST – Divine Balance – Maintaining a Sense of Sanity – Get Tickets

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