Quantum Lightweaving® Pendant Test


The Quantum Lightweaving® Double-Layered pendant has both mystical and quantum healing properties. Comes with a silver starter chain.
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The revolutionary Quantum Lightweaving® Pendant, has the unique ability to move your consciousness into a mystical state, whereby you may enter the Pure Quantum Consciousness Wave. Dropping the mind and entering a timeless zone of beauty and magic, and truly experience the Quantum Wave!

It carries the very powerful properties and ability to bring about a deep inner emotional / mental and genetic cleansing, while rejuvenating you simultaneously! ~ This pendant prepares you to transform your consciousness and move into ever deeper levels of the pure quantum wave state, by assisting you in removing emotional / mental / and genetic baggage and trauma. Clear / Cleanse and Prepare the way for the Quantum Wave!

Inspired by and specially created for Kenji Kumara’s Quantum Lightweaving – This revolutionary quantum holographic wave pendant is intended, to assist in balancing, enhancing and deepening integration of your Quantum experience. This unique and exquisite pendant is designed by stellar quantum artist, ( Rene Hamilton ~ Power Of Soul ), And embodies the pure quantum field of consciousness, which is generated and radiates its infinite potential expressed through the holographic grid and matrix. Each user of the powerful energy pendant, will experience the quantum field in a personal way, according to one’s own unique energetic bio-rhythm, and according to how harmonious one is tuned into the unlimited state of pure quantum field of consciousness. This remarkable pendant is intended to help maintain your unique flow of divine transformation and true magical inner awakening!

This Pendant Provides Measurable Protection From Wireless, (EMF) Electromagnetic, Microwave, And Radio Frequencies & Energies That Can Artificially / Distort / Unbalance Ones Own Bodies Natural Biological, Mental And Emotional Processes! ~ Each Pendant Is Hand Assembled To Ensure Maximum Harmony, Quality & Integrity! ~ All Of The Quantum Pendants Are 100% Water Proof!