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Preparation for the Summer Solstice Activation

Another amazing Solar Eclipse Activation that will prepare you for the solar opening of the Summer Solstice. Gateways and Portals serve as an opportunity to move into higher realms of Consciousness and manifestation and is a time where Intentions and Prayers are magnified. Let’s take advantage of this opening to bring forth our deepest Visions of our soul path and Destiny.

Much emotional and physical healing can take place during these cosmic openings to Infinity and Eternity. Our bodies need to embody and integrate Divine Light so we can express enlightened consciousness and awareness on the physical plane of our Mother Earth.

Eclipses also help you to access the hidden, the unseen of our collective consciousness. The more consciousness we hold in the body, the quicker the Earth and the elemental Kingdom can express it’s original Matrix of Oneness and unity and balance. Let’s come together as One and move the density back into the Light.

Your pets, ancestors and family members are most welcome to attend.


Eclipse season is our annual sojourn through the celestial squeeze of a series of eclipses designed to unravel the energetic knots keeping us tight and tense in certain areas of our lives.

Eclipses, if used consciously, are considered thresholds to new gateways and openings to higher potentials. Eclipses signal closings and openings, endings and beginnings, as well as releasing and seeding.

Lunar eclipses are all about clearing pathways. These clearings can lead to a higher stage of our Soul’s evolution as we let go of all that is no longer serving us.

Solar eclipses are usually associated with beginnings, openings, the release of repressed energies, and when utilized fully, a greater merging with your Dharma – your Soul Purpose.

Eclipse energy is a time of deep surrender and transformation.

In 2021 our eclipse season has two parts.

We’ll have a total eclipse of the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 26, and the annular eclipse of the Sun in Gemini on June 10.

The second phase of the season will include the partial eclipse of the Full Moon in Taurus on November 19, while a total eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius will occur on December 4.

In this year’s configuration, you will notice the opportunity to let go and birth – twice.

Right now, we are at the ‘letting go’ stage of the first eclipse pair.

If you feel squeezed, pushed, or pulled lately, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many of us are going through these cosmic contractions in preparation for our own transformation or rebirth.

– Christof

This evergreen recording was recorded live Thurs, Jun 10, 2021