Solstice-Solar Eclipse-New Moon Event


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1 hour 4 minutes Audio


This is an important pivotal Solstice-New Moon-Eclipse event that will carry us through to the rest of the year. This is an auspicious portal opening that will be magnified by the changing of the seasons, a new moon of opportunities and the solar eclipse of expanded consciousness. We invite you to partake of this grand event as we journey deeper into the realms of Bliss, Cosmic Connections and Soul Activations.

This event is essentially an initiatory experience into the ascended master and angelic realms of christ consciousness. We will work with Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Sananda/Maitreya, Mary Magdalene and the Great White Brotherhood.

A multi-dimensional planetary cleansing will be part of the activation.

Some of you will be getting “new guides and mentors” as well as a new “animal alley”. Come prepared for a very deep experience. All are welcome including your pets and ancestors.

Allow 6+ months to fully integrate this event.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you are a gift to us. – Kris

That was amazing!! – Donna H.

What a Blessing and activation! Thank you so much Kenji – Dustin

Dionne: A phoenix with vivid orange feathers and an ancient dolphin guide came in along with a man who I don’t yet know the name of. His presence is very peaceful and very kind. I feel my union with all that is growing ever deeper and stronger. – Dionne

Once my tenth toe felt the earth’s energy, my physical body sort of stepped into this groove and moved right three clicks. I have no idea of what that means but it happened so seamlessly and felt gently guided. Dual chrome energy through the 3 columns in my spine and on and on….the colors… silver, smoke, sapphire blue. hues of pink…pops of green… WOW… the portal. It will take me days, weeks to absorb all of this. I am so grateful for this meditation. Thank you Kenji! – Tanya J.

This activation is evergreen and will always be perfect for the time you’re listening to it. This activation was recorded live Sunday, June 21st, 2020.