Transcending Addictions Online Activation


Originally Broadcast Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Includes a .mp3 recording and transcript


We now know that addictions can manifest in any form, from any situation and that there is a cause and effect relationship between beliefs and attitudes and their resulting emotional component and physical symptoms.Some addictive behaviors (as compensation) can manifest as:

Some addictive behaviors (as compensation) can manifest as:

Over-eating; Striving for power and money and social and sports status: Need for sex; Busy-ness; Indulgence in street drugs/natural substances; Reliance on meds (for pain, stress, relaxation, anxiety, ADHD, energy); Striving for metaphysical and spiritual status, acceptance and recognition

Since energy follows thought; emotions follow the attitude; and the body reacts to the emotional body’s constructs – then it does appear that the way to change the condition of the body and the corresponding emotions, is to change the way we think and our attitudes towards what we experience in the everyday world.

Or, is there another way that transcends this cause and effect relationship? Is there a way to transmute, alchemically, the effects of our addictions and habits, conditioning and imprinting? And, if this were possible, what would that look like?

In this one hour activational transmission, we will journey deep in the psyche and ancestral patterns to unlock and free up the frozen inner child so it can be free of it’s unconscious restraints. We will have the vibrational opportunity to release our addictive patterns into the light of compassion and understanding so our personality can become balanced and harmonized with the soul. We can open to the possibility of the power of Grace moving through our being, setting free the fragments of our ego so that we can begin to feel the inherent happiness and peace of our spirit.

It is time to set ourselves free! Bring a friend and join us for a fun and powerful evening of transformation, change and upliftment. The journey is ours.


What people have said about Online Activations

“Thank you Kenji! I really needed that!! Wonderful!!! It’s amazing the points you hit upon that are SO relevant. I always feel like you are talking JUST to me…”

-Reis from Mexico

“I feel the energy shifting and transmuting in my body, mind and field. Thank you!!! As always! Namaste”

-Sue from Arlington Heights