You Are On Divine Assignment: Christ Meditation 5


Video + Audio Activation
37 Minutes

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You are on Divine Assignment

Do you realize you are on divine assignment here on Earth? Yes, you are and so is everyone else, whether they realize it or not. This is not just another earth incarnation where you work out your past karma (although some come as a rest life). This lifetime is the culmination of all your other lifetime here and on other planes where you can fully express your divine potential in a way that is most natural to you and your spirit. This is the lifetime where you put together and express all that you are and have been, all your previous talents, skills and wisdom-knowledge to the best of your ability for the benefit of all of humanity.

In this spontaneous meditation on the christ spirit of oneness and grace, we will journey together into the depths of the ancient mysteries of the inner planes to bring into awareness the teachings of Christ (as a placeholder, a state of Beingness that is timeless and forever, the eternal place where all souls are one with God consciousness and unity consciousness).

Join us on this special Easter presentation on ascension, resurrection and transfiguration. The New Millennials are most welcome as are your pets and ancestors.

This activation is evergreen. Originally recorded live April 4, 2021 (Easter)