On remaining grounded during the “earth changes”

No matter how much humanity, in general, is freaking out and exhibiting weird, strange and extreme behaviors, it is important to keep your focus and attention on the light of understanding and compassion, and to not give in to the mindset of those that set up world events that cause fear and alarm and worry. As long as we stay in a fearful mode of operations, we are stuck in the matrix of illusion and suffering.

If we give into the energy of the events that make the nightly news and the daily newspapers and magazine, we remain stuck in the prison of helplessness and uncertainty. Thus, we are stuck in an unknown future that has no light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.


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[wcm_restrict]The remedy for worry is a strong inner faith and trust in the unseen realms of the Oneness of all Life and in the goodness of our prime creator and prime source. In order to navigate through the corridors of illusion, we need to keep our focus and intent on our future visions in the now moment and to act and behave as if it is already done. Keeping one’s faith in the light and power will get us through all this madness, chaos and confusion.

The old world is collapsing and the human systems are falling apart right before our eyes. Let them collapse so the new can be born from the light of compassion and love. Those in pain, when ready, will reach out to us, so be patient and allow the flow to flow. Keep an open heart and mind and be yourself amidst the chaos. Be the living example of stability, groundedness and centeredness.

Keep on truckin’, and be the peace that you seek.[/wcm_restrict]



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