This is an important time for self reflections: Reflections through your relationships; reflections from and through your business, work, private practice; reflections from the world on what is happening; reflections you receive in your daily spiritual practice; reflections on your thoughts, feelings and emotions; and reflections you receive from your spiritual guides.

What is the Self trying to say to you? What is the world reflecting back to you? And how are you responding or reacting to the reflections? Because of the world situation, your core issues are being triggered and activated within you from your subconscious. Core issues are those lessons you brought forth in order to learn and master the emotional body (as well as the mental body). Core issues are first reflected within your prenatal and birthing experiences, your early childhood and family life, in your states of growth and development through your first intimate relationship and marriage and through your initial work experiences.

Learning lessons are those aspects that you, the Soul, desire to experience in order to master earth living and the spiritual energies that impact you on a daily level. Be willing and brave to face, embrace, accept, love and integrate these old memories, oftentimes long forgotten and hidden. Now is the time for self healing, self transformation and the transmutation of all old and forgotten experiences. Winter is a time of self reflection and going within. Use your time wisely and be willing to take a deep dive into what you originally thought were painful memories and events. Once you take the emotional charge out of those experiences, you will be able to handle the integration of those divine memories. You can do it! Keep the trust and faith you are divinely guided in the most loving way possible by the benevolent Universe. Guides are here to help guide.