Shift in Consciousness… Are you feeling it?

Although I have created Quantum Lightweaving®, a transformational system that produces quick and gentle on-going shifts in consciousness, mind, body and emotions – ‘anybody’ can not only learn this work, but may also have been experiencing these shifts on their own.

Actually a lot of us!

I became conscious of these shifts while also realizing I was a guide to help others.

Maybe it started when I was initiated into Reiki; maybe even before that when I studied psychic phenomena in the seventies.

However the entire world is shifting now. Specifically since December 2012 the Light has increased on the planet – it’s helping people to move towards their bliss. It brings up all your stuff, and when the Light really starts coming through the body – it brings everything into the Light whether we want it or not.

This could be the reason so many may be having core issues rising up – the entire planetary financial system, our core issues around money, health, spiritual paths, relationships with our parents, our partners our kids.

Blockages, if you will, can inhibit us from truly growing to a higher level of consciousness.

To help with those blockages and growth I suggest continuing to live in the light, to bring more and more light, more and more consciousness into your life.

  • Follow your bliss
  • Don’t worry about what other people say or think about you
  • Prepare yourself to receive more light and love into your life!

Below is an excerpt from an interview I had with Candy Baker in April of 2013. As you can see the struggle can be real for every one of us, even us healers!

Q: I know that the healing and seeking were both passions for you for so long – was it difficult to turn them into ‘purpose’ and create a business?

A: It was painful… It still is sometimes. Only 12 years ago I was pretty much computer illiterate, and I’m still grappling with this whole business aspect, the fact that I have to have staff, be part of an organization, even having a website and registering the business – I didn’t know I was going to have to do all that!

Less than two years ago I was not well known, I was doing my thing and struggling and working all by myself – nobody knew me outside of where I teach. I wasn’t on Face book, and when I started I had 35 connections – now I’m up to 1500; I had 300 people on my email list and now I have 6,900, and nobody even knew I was doing all the radio shows I was doing because I had no idea how to publicize them.

Q: What turned it round?

A: It all turned around because Sheila Gayle followed her intuition and asked me on to her show, and suddenly thousands of people listened to me.

Q: Where had you got to with it all when it changed?

A: My little behind got saved! I was only three or four months from having to be homeless. I had huge credit card debt so did bankruptcy. I had to give up my car, so I had to get a ride or walk everywhere. I would walk to do most of my stuff, in the dreary weather Seattle manages to put on for us most days.

I felt like a little old bag man, pushing my cart around. Sheila was like a divine messenger. Plus she got me on all these other shows, and now I’m in a position where I’m so busy I have to decline gracefully. I’m doing my top four radio shows, plus one new one, and then my own radio shows.

Q: Wow. That’s a huge story…what an amazing change…

A: I know! Difficulties like that are not unknown to me. I’ve had a number of near death experiences in my life, and once I was homeless for six months. I’ve had periods where I’ve had heavy credit card debt, and at one point I went bankrupt which was a low point.

Q: Do you think that level of difficulty has given you more empathy as a teacher and healer?

A: Definitely. There are some teachers, and I can say this from direct experience, who are remarkably short on empathy, but talking from your intellect is not a way to help people.

When you teach from experience it’s much more powerful – it’s like AA – the most powerful way to help an alcoholic is to be a fully-recovered alcoholic, because they truly understand what it feels like.

Q: What kept you going during these times?

A: Doing my spiritual and energetic activations. I love doing these activations – they blow me away. They’re just in my bones, so for me personally I don’t notice it so much but the people receiving them are just over the moon about them, and the healing they experience is miraculous.

Whatever path you are guided on, believe, trust and have faith that you will get to where you need to be. If you are guided to eat better, follow that route and educate yourself on it.

If you are inspired to start a new career or even a hobby, learn about what it entails and see how it can fit into your world. Whatever we may feel inside as a passion or instinct can truly be our higher selves trying to direct us to a greater consciousness or awareness.

Perhaps helping to put you in a higher vibration, cross paths with your soul family or just to bring you pure bliss.

Whatever the case, don’t stop, follow your guides and experience your shifts!

Have you, or are you experiencing a shift in consciousness? Share in the comments below and if you need help going through this, consider having a personal session with me either on the phone or in Sedona AZ.

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  1. Beth Herndobler

    Beautiful article and just what I needed to hear today when I have been in the mode of overwhelm for a few weeks now. Started the day doing the Blue Moon Activation which allowed me to flow through the day knowing the overwhelm is just a feeling not my energetic reality. Closing the day out with this article, standing in the light, confirms, all is well and I Am that I am. Blessings to you Kenji my Quantum Lightweaver Japanese Elder.

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