The 3 pillars for your spiritual practice are Faith, Belief and Trust. All 3 are necessary ingredients, if you will, for developing, maintaining and evolving your spiritual awakening, healing your separated aspects in mind and body and moving forward toward your destination and manifesting your heart’s calling.

Faith is the unshakable knowing of who you are and why you are here. If your faith is strong, you can achieve anything as it relates to your soul design and purpose. Having unshakable faith means you remain grounded in what is and the present moment. When you become faith, your knowing is your cosmic GPS. You know above all doubt and uncertainty that you are on the right course. Faith makes you strong and you are centered in your truth of yourself and where you are going.

Belief is that energy and frequency that keeps you centered through all the mighty earth changes. Being belief is certainty in what you are. Belief is necessary for your visions to manifest and for your dreams to come true. Like faith, it is unshakable and in the knowing of belief is the courage to step forward into the unknown with full faith that you are on the right track, so to speak. Belief in Self is a powerful energy that can move mountains. Belief in yourself will set you free of the limitations of this physical plane. Belief in a higher power called your I AM will set your body free of constraints and all manner of stress.

Trust is the third ingredient necessary to move forward in this time of transition, for it carries faith and belief as its sidekicks, so to speak, that enables you, the Being, to remain free of 3rd-4th density and fear. Trust in the unknown and trust in the unseen in moving forward in life is the big test, the big lesson – and when mastered will keep you in the Quantum and in that frequency of divine manifestation. When you trust that you have all the support needed to navigate life graciously and effortlessly, you will come to know who you are and your relationship in the greater scheme of things, so to speak.

Faith, Belief and Trust go hand in hand and work as One frequency for change, healing and transformation. They are the sacred Trinity of Light that are part of your Beingness. Use all three and become all three in your daily meditation practice, your yoga, your fitness routines, in all that you do. Whenever you begin to experience a problem, an issue, an obstacle in your spiritual practice, remember the Trinity, breath, allow, be present and be Love and Compassion. Your belief in yourself, your faith in God and your trust in the Universe are all that you need to navigate the Earth Changes and future lives. Peace comes when you believe and know that you are The Word made manifest.

A strong Faith equals a strong body and immune system. A strong Belief in Self equals a strong chakra system. A strong Trust in the Universe equals a strong Spirit.

– Blessings from Whisper Of Wisdom