It has been written in the ancient literature that what you seek, what you ask God for, what you want to align with has already been given. It has been given in the inner realms of your Being, in that place and space that we call the Oneness or the All. Did not what Christ said to us all 2,000 years ago on this timeline “That what I give to you, is given for all Eternity” mean the same thing that Gifts only need to be responded to in heart and spirit and body? If it is love that we seek from others, has That not already been given unto us by God? If it is the spiritual connection that we seek, has That not already been given within our hearts? If it is the recognition that we seek from others, has That not already been given by All That Is? If it is the acceptance that we seek from our parents, has That not already been given by Spirit? If it is the self love that we wish to give to yourselves, has That not already been given by our I AM?


If All that we have ever sought in spirit and flesh has already been given as our natural birthright, then all we need to do is accept fully, embrace, allow, integrate that presence into our daily lives, into our body, into our mind, into our heart …….. and believe that It Is So, that It Is Done. And to act As If this is a living reality in our lives. Then, the search can be over, the seeking done with, the striving no more. Then, we can relax and enjoy our life, without struggle, without stress, without limitations, without worry and anxiety. We then can be stress-free and our Spirit will be free to express, to be and to manifest the New Earth.