Bring your focus into the here and now. Take a deep breath. Come into this now moment through your body. Aligning with the new earth, keeping the space above your head open and clear, opening up the heart chakra, throat chakra, activating pineal pituitary thalamus.

the holy instant is not the holy instant, the blessings that the heart of creation gives each and every one of us each and every day of our lives here on earth. I’m going to ask you to remember to remember from the higher dimensions the power of the holy instant.

That divine recognition of who you are and what you are and how you serve is not the holy instant. You as divine creator manifest in form is not the holy instant. The recognition from within of divinity in all life experiences, situations, events, relationships is not the holy instant, the recognition that each life form on earth is a representation of the Christ consciousness, of the oneness.

It’s not the holy instant. The recognition of the light and love within each experience, in each situation, in each moment of every day, of yourself in relationship to all that is. So let’s breathe very deeply, emerge with the holy instant that it’s beyond space and time and distance.

It is that power that comes from the heart of creation. So allow this Power now to move the rest of your day into your dream time tonight, knowing that each choice you make can represent the holy instance, the recognition of divinity within all things.

Thank you. Breathe deeply, allow, receive, and be. Allow it to move through all cells of your body, all organs and systems of your body. Allow it to bless all the organs in your body. Stay in the now moments.

We thank you for tuning in today. Have a very blessed week, and until next time, many blessings. A new story is coming up… A new story is coming up… A new story is coming up… A new story is coming up…


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