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This Bundle contains all 7 of the Magnetic Healing events of 2023. This bundle contains over 5 hours of content. The activations in these classes are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Preface to Magnetic Healing Series Package:

In this unique energetic approach to quasar sound-wave magnetics brought to you via the Archangel kingdom, Mother Mary and GAIA, recipients will receive both electromagnetic and magnetic clearing, cleansing, alignment, reconstruction and recalibration of their spiritual bodies that reach the core of their vertical and horizontal fields that will affect change and transformation on the sub-atomic, cellular and dna levels. Attending the whole series live or on replay, recipients will receive a series of deep cleansing and purification of all the systems of the body as well as all their subtle light bodies likened unto a spiritual overhaul and tuneup and mind-body realignment. The energetic treatments will be given in a high frequency healing chamber or matrix in a safe and supportive quantum space.

Some of the spiritual cumulative benefits include: elimination of deep rooted fear and phobias; harmony in your Kundalini flow; communication with your high frequency guides; broadened point of view; enhanced compassion, clarity and focus; 3rd Eye enhancements; greater sense of purpose and commitment; greater openness of self expression; calm and centeredness in the midst of chaos: and clarity in perception, intuition and inner knowing.

Some of the emotional and psychological benefits include: Release of chronic inner tension and stress; improved personal and interpersonal relationships; emotional security and openness; improved sexual identity; heightened awareness of self and personal needs; improved foresight; compassion for others; and reduction in psychosomatic symptoms.

Some of the physical benefits include: Body and emotional detoxing; enhanced immune system functioning; greater lymphatic flow; age reversal; reduction of painful menstrual cycles and pms; greater meridian and nadis flow; improvement in general energy flows and chi capacity; enhanced body awareness and appreciation; improved sleep and glandular and Vagus Nerve system functioning.

The 7 session treatments addresses your spiritual body and magnetic field, the 12 chakra system, 12 levels of your auric field and alignments between your soul star and earth star and your I AM Presence with the new earth matrix. Benefits are on-going and cumulative and work over time. Treatments will be given via Archangel Christopher and Gabriel, Mother Mary and the Spirit of GAIA. Be prepared for deep transformation and awakenings. Each Zoom class is like receiving a personal healing session in your own home. Regular repeated listening is highly recommended for maximum benefit. Eat plenty of cooked root vegetables for grounding and focus.

In this package you will receive:

Magnetic Healing Part 1 – Pre Solar Eclipse/New Moon (56 Minutes):
In this dynamic event, we will spontaneously channel a full magnetic field reconstruction, realignment, recalibration and reset that will assist your emotional body to be strong, flexible, resilient, centered and balanced during the shift and transition into the higher dimensions of new earth. This process will address the emotional heaviness you feel and the burdens of excessive emotional baggage. it will literally lighten up your load and make your burden Light.

Magnetic Healing, Part 2 – Pre Solar Eclipse/New Moon (45 Minutes):
This spontaneous event will address rebuilding and recalibrating your vehicle of Light so that you can begin to navigate the inner planes and higher dimension with much more clarity, focus and intention.We will bring in the vibration of the Arcturians and the Violet Flame. This activation will greatly assist in the healing of your Inner Child and past life wounds and traumas. We will work with the power of sacred geometry and the Tetrahedron, the golden Infinity Sign and the power of the number 8.

Magnetic Healing Part 3-Vertical Field Reconstruction Pre 11:11 Gateway (47 Minutes):
In this class, the Archangels will assist in the reconstruction and realignment of your chakra system in a very unique process. Alignment benefits may include enhanced spiritual awareness, interactive attitude, inner tranquility, improved inner perception and clarity, greater appreciation for Life, calmer stress response, more harmonious chakra regulation and a greater peaceful lifestyle. This class will build upon the previous two and the benefits are cumulative and work over time. Healing crises are minimized. Changes are subtle and profound. This session can be either received laying down or sitting upright.

Magnetic Healing Part 4-Vertical-Horizontal-Solar Pt Realignment Full Moon (52 Minutes):
Part 4 of the Magnetic Healing Series will cover Vertical-Horizontal and Solar Pt Realignment. This is a powerful process of energizing and reenforcing the power points of the body and magnetic field. The Archangels, Christopher and Gabriel will work with your Solar Point, Heart Value Point, Communication Point and Receptive Point thereby enhancing your all-knowing capacity, sovereignty and independence, wisdom gifts and conceptual deductions.

Magnetic Healing Part 5 – Pre 12:12 Gateway / New Moon (46 Minutes):
In this continuing 7-Part series on Magnetic Healing, we will continue to activate the Solar Pt and 14 centers in the magnetic field, Stellar Point Clearing, plus adjusting the E-M Body within and outside the physical body. These processes will begin to clear stagnant pockets of stuck psychological and emotional energy and free up the magnetic field for greater emotional expression. A thorough cleansing of the emotional body may be experienced, thereby allowing emotional clarity and empowerment. This can be a very intense experience. Adjustments inside and outside the body will be magnetically applied. Will will finish up the treatment with “Kinetics”, a very deep emotional purging process that will be received laying down. The Archangels Christopher and Gabriel will be facilitating the experience with emotional support from Mother Mary. You may receive the work in a chair or laying down on a mat or bed.

Magnetic Healing Part 6-Pre Winter Solstice 2023 (57 Minutes):
In this celebration of the winter solstice, we will facilitate a very unique magnetic process called the “Cocoon Of Light”, an inner journey within. This will be facilitated by Archangels Christpher and Gabriel and assisted by Mother Mary. This will be largely a silent meditative journey as your body will be “cocooned” in high frequency magnetic energy from the Central Sun and the heart of GAIA, New Earth. Much healing, resolution and transformation can occur with the deep silence of the Quantum. This will be good practice for receiving, allowing and just Being. Consciousness will be heightened and magnified. Peak experience and altered states of consciousness may occur naturally. It is best to receive this session laying down on a mat or bed in a quiet space.

Magnetic Healing Part 7-Post Full Moon (49 Minutes):
In this post Full Moon Magnetic Healing presentation, we will have the opportunity for deep emotional purging through your Solar Point and the rebalancing of your trilateral/bilateral/bipolar/stellar points in the magnetic field. For this class, it is best to receive the work laying down on a comfortable mat or bed in a quiet space.The Archangels Christopher and Gabriel will facilitate and Mother Mary will support this intense healing process. There will be much Field reconstruction, past life recalls, alternative realities flashbacks and possible peak experiences and altered states of consciousness.

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