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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Bundle by Kenji Kumara

Celebrate parents around the world in this 2022 Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Bundle. It is time we celebrate you both and give you the most sincere thank you in this amazing bundle.

Activations Included:

Father’s Day Blessing/Healing

In this special event, we will honor all fathers who have come upon this earth since the very beginning of civilization and those that will come here in the future so that they know our appreciation for their sacrifice and dedication, no matter how their lives turned out. We will call forth the Divine Masculine archetype and angelic presences that support the uprising and ascension of the masculine polarity of this creation. We invite all fathers to attend this live event so that they can receive the divine blessings and grace that will be offered, which will affect all fathers in all universes, great and small. Bring a candle to light this ceremony as a symbolic gesture of goodwill and gratitude for a job well done. Sanat Kumara and company will be with us in the activation.

Mother’s Day Blessing/Healing

This is a special event for all mothers around the world. Join us for a global celebration of all mothers as we give tribute and honor to the divine mother archetype and those who chose to bring forth into incarnation the light being generation of healers and teachers who are serving the planetary awakening and healing of humanity and the collective Inner Child. It is time for all mothers to receive their due, their healing and the blessing from GAIA as we all move through these challenging times of great change and transition into 5D consciousness.



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