Hello and welcome to another Wednesday Musing. Today I’d like to share once again the theme of change in this year of Great Transition and how we can move through these great Earth changes with more joy, more flow, more harmony, and more happiness.

So how about today we reimagine what our life could feel like, could look like. How it can manifest in new and different ways, not based on our past history, not based on last year, not based on anything that has come before.

And to reimagine what it will be like to be in this internal state of trust, 100% trust and faith, not only in oneself, but with your guides with the universe with all of creation.

Imagine what it will be like to be more aligned and connected with your physical body, knowing you’re not your body. With your emotions, knowing that you’re not your emotions, with your mind, not knowing or knowing that you are

not your thoughts. Perhaps we can reimagine and re -articulate what it would be like to be in our radiance, our eternal infinite radiance of joy and love and beauty, harmony and flow. So we have this opportunity now, this year of great change, in spite of the chaos and confusion and division that is happening upon our perceived illusionary world, that we can create, can co -create from within, the kind of place we want to live in, the kind of relationships we want to be in, the kind of spiritual work we want to manifest for livelihood, our tribe, people of like mind and heart connecting with us.

See, all this is possible, but first we must understand that the old construct that we would call our history, personal and planetary, is not really real. It is not real in the true sense of the term real.

It is illusion that is based on fear and doubt and separation. Is it possible to create and to be in this internal state or reality or matrix of realness, creations that come from a place of love and joy and honor and respect and compassion?

Yes, it is possible. It is possible for us, each one of us, to create a new earth reality where joy and love and harmony are the keynote frequencies and vibrations. It all begins with each one of us, and internally, through our practice of meditation and prayer, that we can co -create with the beautiful universe, the devas, the nature spirits, the elementals, star beings, inner earth beings, our tribe, it is possible that we can create together a new reality, a new earth that is free from all historical discords and sense of separation.

So contemplate this, each morning as you meditate, contemplate how you want to live in the kind of world you want to live in, with the kinds of souls you want to live with, with the kind of career that you wish to manifest.

What would that state feel like, be like, what would it look like? And then begin to breathe it into existence. Breathe into existence. So thank you for tuning in today. We hope this has been helpful and ignites within you the power of soul.

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That will be a most wonderful five -day non -residual retreat. So thank you for your time and your patience, and until next time, many, many blessings from Sedona.


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