Quantum Lightweaving ®… what?

Many of you may have never heard of the term Quantum Lightweaving®, much less know what it is.

The philosophy of Quantum Lightweaving® is this; Accessing and becoming extra-ordinary state of consciousness beyond 3rd & 4th dimensional understanding. In other words, Quantum is a place for many possibilities and potentials and Quantum Lightweaving® teaches us the direct experience of “letting go”.

Releasing old energetic habits. Leaving us with a sense of what it is like to be there receiving the wave, accepting and expressing all that you are.

The “wave” clears but it is not separate from you, it allows you to BE love, light, consciousness, knowledge and most of all divine harmony!

Quantum Lightweaving® is NOT therapy; we do not work on curing symptoms. Rather, we encourage self-sufficiency, self-responsibility, self-creation and self- empowerment of the heart, mind, and spirit.

It is not a step-by-step process; there is no manual or homework. We do however, build energetic structures to house and maintain quantum awareness in the body. Developing trust, and faith, and intuition, while we clear up unconscious resistance, or fear, at its core. QL builds strong minds and embodying one’s soul presence and light in the body.

After participating in Quantum Lightweaving® many people have experienced enlightened living, balanced expressions of emotion and thoughts of awareness of the NOW in each and every moment.

Imagine living in enlightenment, feeling unity consciousness while witnessing light in everyone and everything you come across, feeling joyous expressions of the divine inner child at play. Although, each individual experiences the waves in their own unique way, the benefits are lasting, permanent and on going. Each wave builds upon the others.

Through a meditative process, you will receive attunement, activations and initiations along the spiritual path from those that guide and bring forth the energies of QL.

We build, in meditation and soul journeying, energetic templates, frames of reference, access to deeper realms of Spirit and grounding in balance and harmony for the expression of the soul and I AM, the lord god of your being. We create an alternative learning environment that goes beyond traditional thinking and problem-solving to a place of spontaneous integration of what is present in the Now moment according to the overall awareness of the group or individual.

We address the 4 major learning styles through visual arts, movement re-education, listening to music and practicing touching sacred points on the body through triad exercises. Group sharing culminates the healing and integration process. Spirit re-configures all you are able to handle and integrate.

It truly is an experience that will change your consciousness.


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