10:10 Stargate – New Soul Pathway


10:10 Stargate – New Soul Pathway
Recorded Live October 10, 2022
Activation Meditation
Length 51 minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript
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Join us for a fabulous 10:10 Stargate activation. Today, we will journey into the power of the double 10. 10 represents completion and the vibration of the mystical. We will take the mystical inner journey to activate your leadership skills, new beginnings and your unlimited potential for creation and manifestation. We are moving out of the old space-time matrix of limitation and polarity and into the new earth matrix of unlimited thought and spiritual expansion.

You now have the opportunity to create a new soul pathway, one that is free of the effects of dualistic thinking, polarity judgements and energetic suffering, so to speak. This 10:10 Stargate event will hold the space for you to create a new life, a new matrix, a new template, a new resonance, a new calibration and a new synchronicity of how you choose to be, to live and to express with the power of your I AM. Your latent DNA will be activated so you can begin to use your supernatural powers from your home world, your star system.

Your old contract and agreement can be modified, changed and/or deleted and replaced with a quantum model that best represents our starseed powers, abilities, talents and skills. It is time to be free of all the old limitations and beliefs. A new reality is emerging. New possibilities are at hand. Now is the time to reclaim self, to re-know self, to re-name self and to embrace your future self.

We will be assisted by the Seraphim energy, the Elohim of Peace, the Unicorns and the Great Central Sun ambassadors. Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend.

The number 10 is one of the most mystical numbers in numerology. It carries the vibrations of the numbers ‘1’ and ‘0’. While the number ‘1’ is associated with leadership, self-confidence, growth, and success, the number ‘0’ is related to the Divine itself. The spiritual significance of number 10 speaks about believing in yourself and your destiny. – Planet Numerology

If you want to find out what number 10 means, you have to take into account the meaning of numbers 1 and 0. It is known that number one is a symbol of leadership, new beginnings and success. This number means that you have to create your own reality, which means that you should follow your beliefs and your intuition. On the other side, we have number 0, which is related to universal energies and spiritual aspects of your own personality. Number 0 will help you achieve your spiritual enlightenment and help you use your inner strength and wisdom. – Angel Number

*This evergreen activation is ongoing until complete. Allow time for full integration. Drink water.
For maximum brain effect, listen with headphones or earbuds and listen often as needed.