11:11 Stargate Activation 2020


Audio & Video Activation
55 Minutes


“The Stargate 11:11 activation is lifting out old expired information. I am noticing deep levels Clearing and healing. I’ll be listening to it again and allow it to go deeper.”

“This was an incredible activation and a much needed exploration of the higher realms. So much gratitude! So much.”
~ Kathleen

“The 11:11 activation was incredible.”
~ Aisha S.

The Event of The Year is here! Replay now available.

November 11th is always a powerful day, but this is the first time in 101 years where it also occurs in a repeating number year, 2020…

2020’s double dose of 2’s further ignites your psychic precision and spiritual connection.

Join us for a powerful cosmic opening through the 11:11 Gateway to the Great Central Sun in preparation for the important Winter Solstice Earth Initiation into the 5th dimension and New Earth matrix.

2020 is the preparation year for 2021 and the beginning of the anchoring of 5-D reality upon GAIA. We are in the great transition of moving from one world into the next and those holding the space of New Earth will receive a cosmic level initiation at this year’s winter solstice. This event will build the foundation for the receiving and integration of these cosmic rays not only into your individual physical body but also into the body matrix of the earth Mother.

Doorway To Heaven. Preparation for Winter Solstice 2020

The channeled spontaneous activation for this event will focus on aligning and receiving the higher Light Codes being transmitted from our great central sun by way of Alpha & Omega (the beginning and end) for the activation of new earth frequencies and the manifesting of the heaven on earth matrix into the aura of the earth.

There will be a period of deep silence in this activation for the divine connection with the heart of Creation as She activates the higher DNA Codes of creation itself for the embodiment of the heaven on earth matrix into our own physical DNA-Chromosome structure.

Please prepare for this event through fasting, sweat lodges, meditation and keeping your personal space clean and without disturbance. Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend

Evergreen Recording: Recorded Live, November 11, 2020