12:12 Stargate: 12-D Meditation


Meditation Activation
Recorded Live December 12, 2022
Length 49 Minutes
Early Bird till December 9th
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Opportunity is the Key Word here for this activational event. We can use the power of the 12:12 Gateway to enhance, empower enliven, enrich, elevate and enlighten any endeavor we so choose, any action we choose to take, any ideas we wish to create and enjoy, and simply – we have the power to create our reality on the levels we wish to create on.

Today, we will be supported by the cosmic 12:12 Team. You get to choose the 12 who will be present with us and support us in our re-creations. Any realm within the 9th to 12 dimensions of Earth, or Tara, or GAIA will be available to you, for you and with you. We are learning to navigate the 12th dimensions, or all of the 12 dimensions.

Your family members, pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend etherically in the higher realms.

*This evergreen activation is ongoing until complete. Allow time for full integration. Drink water.
For maximum brain effect, listen with headphones or earbuds and listen often as needed.

From a numerological point of view, the 12:12 sequence offers people a most potent energy which they need for transforming their relationships, as well as connections with other people. Seeing the number and permitting it to be like a simple part of their life will be a message for them from our Universe.Also, it reminds people to really make themselves better, and also improve the connections they have with others. It is a number of completion.

The powers that this number sequence has will pull people out of their zones of comfort and also force them to start again. If a person has been on the wrong path, things will get tense as he or she will be forced to return where they belong. Also, the Guardian angel who corresponds with the 12:12 magical code is called Aniel, and it symbolizes courage and also brings knowledge.

The numerical pattern 12:12 is going to give people great opportunities. They will be able to see some things from a higher perspective. Also, he will raise their vibrations and frequency.

Things are going to feel entirely different on this day. The number 1 is actually the number of realization and manifestation, and when it is coupled with the harmonic number 2 people are going to be motivated to take positive approaches to their lives. – Conscious Reminder