The Australian Quantum Showcase Collection


9 MP3 Activations
4.5 Hours of Audio
Recorded in Australian Spiritual Centers



9 “evergreen” recordings from Kenji’s showcase presentations in Australia This comprehensive package contains the September 2018 live recordings of 9 powerful presentations/activations.  North Carolina based channel Kenji Kumara took to the road introducing himself and his astonishing work to the Australian public, showcasing his unique offerings through these in depth, expansive activations.  Recorded at beautiful locations near Melbourne, Australia and in NSW, these presentations have been captured for all to enjoy. Kenji put the intention into each activation that it would be “evergreen”, meaning that it would be just as powerful for those listening in the future as for those attending live. Harness the benefits of these channeled presentations/activations  During the spontaneously guided activations, Kenji gives you a meditation protocol, and simple, enjoyable grounding and centering exercises.  He teaches you how to activate what is known as your “still point” and align with the creative center of the Universe. From there, each activation takes you on a different journey, according to its own objectives (as outlined in the accompanying descriptions).   Kenji teaches you how to tap into higher levels of consciousness, release trapped emotional and mental energies in your physical body and much much more!  All processes are gentle, loving and given with great care for your wellbeing. Kenji’s transformative showcase presentations/activations will help support you in your:

  • Spiritual awakening
  • Ascension process
  • Higher consciousness connection
  • Connection to Gaia/Mother Earth and the animal kingdom
  • Soul path
  • Personal mission
  • Ability to release what no longer serves you
  • Relationships with self (inner child) and others
  • Healing at the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels
  • Manifestation abilities
  • Connection with your angels, spirit guides and light beings

and so much more besides!

About Kenji Kenji Kumara is a channel for ascended energies, a spiritual catalyst, creator of Quantum Lightweaving & Sedona Vortex Activation, and has dedicated his lifelong spiritual journey to the exploration of the quantum consciousness field.  He has integrated spiritual psychology, medical hypnotherapy, holistic education, transpersonal counseling and transformational healing arts into his practice of Quantum Lightweaving. Kenji is a leading edge visionary and pioneer in the field of energy consciousness.  He works as a messenger, helping to guide people from every corner of the globe into ‘New Earth consciousness’ and understanding of their spiritual potential.  He lives a peaceful life in a beautiful tree house, and teaches without boundaries or categorisation.   Kenji acts as a bridge to the quantum, helping those ready to spiritually awaken and develop.  He keeps the work simple, effortless and easy with his humorous and grounded style.  Kenji has a gift for helping others understand their life’s purpose and claim their true destiny.  He helps retreat participants to change their thinking, move beyond limitations, reconnect to their spirit, and see the world with a new perspective of joy and bliss. Now YOU TOO can attend Kenji’s showcase presentations, wherever you live! Have you heard of or followed Kenji, but never had the chance to attend a live presentation/activation?  Now is your chance, with these 9 amazing recordings of Kenji at his best, helping you to transform yourself for the dawning of a new era!  At this vitally important and unique time in our history, humans and Gaia are transitioning from the density of the 3rd dimension, to the lighter, more spiritual 5th dimension, and could do with all the support we can get on our beautiful yet at times challenging journey.  Why not tap into the transformational energy of these meditations, and benefit from all the support  from Kenji and ‘The Team’?  (No travelling necessary!) Nurture yourself, go within and expand! Find your own nurturing space, some quiet time to “go within”, imagine yourself in beautiful Australia and listen at your leisure to this collection of potentially life changing activations.  Kenji recommends approaching this work “with an open mind, open heart and open inner child.”  He feels that “all experiences are possible”, and that “what you experience is up to your spirit in relationship to your mind and heart.”   Kenji says “these activations are ‘evergreen’.  This means that they will last a very long time, and will run in the background of your life as long as you stay open to these quantum currents.  So it would be a little bit like electromagnetic currents that move through your energy, your mind, brain and body.  All are designed to assist in the most beneficial way for the enhancement of your wellbeing.  They are just as powerful for those listening in the future as they are live.” Listen again and again whenever convenient for you, for consolidation and maximum benefit.  

The Australian Quantum Showcase Collection

(Recorded near Melbourne & in NSW, Australia, 5th to 13th September 2018)

Activation 1 – Sacred Vibrations of Divine Balance Introductory presentation/activation at Northcote, Melbourne (28 minutes)
Activation 2 – The Hands of God Energy Infusion Experience 2nd presentation/activation at Northcote, Melbourne (26 minutes)
Activation 3 – Galactic & Divine Connections 3rd  presentation/activation at Northcote, Melbourne (40 minutes)
Activation 4 – Allowing Possibilities for Self Healing Through the Power of Oneness 1st introductory presentation/activaton at Sorrento, NSW (35 minutes)
Activation 5 – Sacred Sites and the Magnetic Magic Carpet 2nd presentation/activation at Sorrento, New South Wales (35 minutes)
Activation 6 – Droplets of Light DNA Activation 1st presentation/activation for Shambhala Center, Melbourne (29 minutes)
Activation 7 – Hush the “Monkey Mind”, Hello Quantum! 2nd presentation/activation for Shambhala Center, Me
Activation 9 – Reflective Activation A review for the Shambhala Center Series (19 minutes)

ACTIVATION 1 (28 minutes) Sacred Vibrations of Divine Balance 1st Northcote activation, Melbourne, Australia Kenji introduced himself to the Melbourne group with a beautiful activation, guiding attendees through his protocol.  Participants progressed from deliberate, powerful breathing into directing the energies through their bodies in a very tangible way. You will:

    • Learn the transformational 3 step belly, lung, pineal breath process
    • Invoke powerful pillars of angelic light 
    • Connect to and work with your angelic soul group, Guardian Angels, Masters, the spirit of Gaia and the Grand Central Sun
    • Tap into grounding energies beneficial for health and balance
    • Use your imagination to bring in energetic nourishment
    • Feel the life force/light energising and infusing you right down to your DNA
    • Energetically nourish your organs and all levels of your spinal column
    • Learn how to let go with ease, disconnect and rise above current world chaos!
    • Creatively align your energy bodies with your physical counterpart
    • Invite Divine presence to remove energetic ‘interference’
    • Create a clear and perfect channel –  total integration with, and acknowledgment of self as Source
    • Direct your energy to flow in simple, beneficial patterns

Additional note: Kenji advised participants at the live event to remove shoes, have feet on the floor and their palms up.  Feel free to adapt this to suit your own comfort, although get a sense of being grounded before listening to the activation.

ACTIVATION 2 (26 Minutes) The Hands of God Energy Infusion Experience  2nd Northcote activation, Melbourne, Australia This was the second of three activations for Northcote, Melbourne, which took place in the evening.  Please see the additional note for activation 1.  There is a focus on the spinal column in this activation, which may be made easier by lying flat. You will:

  • Learn how to prepare your physical and energetic body effectively for the meditation
  • Further develop the breathing technique used in Activation 1
  • Use the breath to release all anxiety and tension 
  • Direct energy from the light pillars introduced in Activation 1 to fortify space and provide protection
  • Ground and align with Gaia/Mother Earth via the feet chakras
  • Resonate with the ascension process
  • Use your base chakra to calm and center yourself
  • Once more connect with your guides, angels and soul tribe
  • Allow nourishing energies to infuse your whole skeletal system, bone by bone
  • Synchronise and harmonise your original 8 cells of creation
  • Use visualisation to bring your masculine and feminine aspects to divine union
  • Bring energies up the spine and infuse your organs
  • Be guided to imagine the hands of God energising and comforting you
  • Allow yourself to be a connection between the heavens and the earth
  • Intend to be a clear and perfect channel for the power of Source
  • Conect with the power of NOW and the I AM

ACTIVATION 3 (40 Minutes) Galactic & Divine Connections 3rd Northcote activation, Melbourne, Australia This is the 3rd of the Northcote activations, on the second day of presentations. Kenji describes it as “piggy backing” on the first 2 activations, so it is recommended that those are ideally, but not necessarily, listened to first. You will:

  • Apply and further enhance the energising breathing techniques from the previous activations
  • Feel gentle waves of light relaxing your whole body, brain and nervous system
  • Sense light cocooning you and your space
  • Connect with the haven deep within you
  • Work with star connections and your soul group of higher beings
  • Activate your 3rd eye and the heart eye/stillpoint
  • Open to the potential of realigning your psychic structure 
  • Acknowledge and experience sacred geometry in your energy field
  • Intend to manifest health and wellness on every level
  • Consider any helpful connections between your current experiences and your past lives
  • Amplify consciousness via the power of light pyramids, star systems and healing chambers, thereby effecting positive cellular changes
  • Transmute limiting beliefs  
  • Elevate your awareness via your heart
  • Embody groundedness, balance and harmony
  • Focus on powerfully activating your hand chakras for the benefit of all
  • Learn to trust your own inate healing abilities
  • Love, nurture and reassure your inner child!
  • Know that it’s never too late to heal your past, and find deep inner peace

ACTIVATION 4 (35 Minutes) Allowing Possibilities for Self Healing Through the Power of Oneness 1st Introductory Activation for Sorrento, NSW, Australia  This was the first of two lovely activations at Sorrento, New South Wales.  Lying down on your back would be ideal for this one if at all possible, in order to more easily visualise the spinal alignment guidance. You will:

  • Feel as if you are with the group, breathing in the beautiful energies of Australia 
  • Bask in transformative crystal energies from the Himalayas and Australia
  • Bring forth divine alignment and balance of your auric field and light body
  • Benefit from allowing your body to go into deep theta level relaxation
  • Be encouraged by Kenji to disengage from chaos and 3rd/4th Dimensions
  • Vertically align your energetic spine, intending for the healing of any trauma
  • Activate the new earth consciousness of self healing
  • Release any emotional attachments to injuries, trauma and illness
  • Allow your electromagnetic field to self heal in a gentle, nurturing way
  • Intend for the mind, and any past traumas to be eased
  • Invite your healing angels to support your inner child, so that he/she stands in their power  and light of the soul
  • Connect with and understand the symbology of the dove
  • Allow your body to be resurrected into new earth consciousness gradually, in divine right timing, infusing yourself with immortality and recalibrating the DNA
  • Receive and integrate galactic rainbow lights
  • Help heal Australia and Mother Earth, including historical imprints
  • Feel at great peace and one with self!

ACTIVATION 5 (35 Minutes) Sacred Sites & The Magnetic Magic Carpet 2nd Introductory Activation for Sorrento, New South Wales This was the second of two lovely activations at beautiful Sorrento, NSW.  Kenji began by reminding the group that these are what he calls “evergreen”.  “This means that they will last a very long time, and will run in the background of your life as long as you stay open to these quantum currents.  So it would be a little bit like electromagnetic currents that move through your energy, your mind, brain and body.  All designed to assist in the most beneficial way for the enhancement of your wellbeing.” You will:

  • Learn how when meditating, the sounds from your immediate environment can be used to assist you to enter a deep, meditative state
  • Create a cocoon of protective, supportive light pillar energy around your body
  • Connect with the powerful energy of many sacred sites, including Uluru, Glastonbury and Machu Picchu
  • Harness the energy of sacred sites and feel it in your physical and energy bodies
  • Expand your awareness, so that your body bridges dimensions
  • Connect deeply with your inner child, with the assistance of your very own loving Guardian Angel
  • Relax each and every body part, and feel the stress leave your body
  • Detach from the world of duality and glide into the oneness, as directed by Kenji
  • Learn the secret of Kenji’s “magnetic magic carpet” 
  • Become more conscious of your own breath, so that you can begin to “re-own” your body
  • Stimulate the Pineal Gland through imaginary sun gazing at the solar light of the Central Sun
  • Set affirmations/intentions to help you become more 5th Dimensional
  • Intend to receive messages from guides
  • Connect with your own star system and the energies of beautiful Venus
  • Breathe in healing frequencies for DNA and ancestral healing
  • Feel the relief from finally let go of any pain carried for eons
  • Invoke and embody the ‘I AM’ presence, to a level that is right for you

ACTIVATION 6 (29 Minutes) Droplets of Light DNA Activation  1st Presentation/Activation for Shambhala Center, Bulleen, Melbourne, Australia  This was the first activation presented by Kenji to the group at the beautiful Shambhala Center in Bulleen.  A “group mind approach” was adopted first of all to create synergy and transport everyone into the oneness. You will:

  • Forge a connection with Mother earth and your favourite Australian power spot
  • Receive a beautiful, powerful body scan via colourful droplets of light, leaving you feeling super relaxed from head to toe
  • Feel the unconditional loving support of your very own Guardian Angel/s, Archangelic pillars of light, soul group, ancestors, family members and pets
  • Take ‘time out’ from the chaos of this world, and your connections with it
  • Stand in the light of the oneness and the quantum
  • Harness the power of the imagination and spiritual visualisation/feeling to create change at a cellular level
  • Understand and feel the power of your heart
  • Invoke vibrational healing frequencies from Earth’s sacred site energies
  • Feel the vibrations of these energies infusing and blessing your body with light
  • Awaken dormant DNA as if the body is resurrecting!
  • Energetically cleanse the pineal gland and hone your intuition

ACTIVATION 7 (28 Minutes) Hush the “Monkey Mind”, Hello Quantum! 2nd Activation for Shambhala Center, Bulleen, Melbourne, Australia

  • Consciously connect  with the sacred sites of Australia, Sedona and Red Rock 
  • Learn how to breathe in a deeper, more open way
  • Learn how to ground more effectively
  • Be guided how to relax each part of the body in turn
  • Switch off your “monkey mind” and take time away from the chaos of the world
  • Learn how to deal with any potential distractions that may occur when you meditate
  • Notice how simple Kenji makes it to energetically cleanse any physical space!
  • View yourself from the higher perspective of your “I Am” presence, and tap into that knowing
  • Calibrate your chakra energies and pineal gland to comfortable levels
  • Connect with your own team of angelic helpers and spirit guides
  • Open up the possibilities for meeting your soul group on earth – twin flames, life partners, pets etc
  • Call forth your divine level teachers, mentors, clients and others
  • Talk to the intelligence of your body from a quantum level, to put it in a space of possibilities

ACTIVATION 8 (29 Minutes) Mother Mary’s Garden 3rd activation for Shambhala Center, Bulleen, Melbourne, Australia (not 2nd as stated on the recording) This was the third activation for the group at the Shambhala Centre in Bulleen.   You will:

  • Learn an energising segmented breathing approach
  • Activate the pineal gland with the power of your breath
  • Become really grounded with Gaia
  • Connect to the healing energies of your favourite sacred site
  • Create a cocoon of Archangelic safety and light
  • Allow your inner child to feel seen and nurtured
  • Invite indicators for your “next steps” from your own Guardian Angel
  • Journey into and merge with the core of your spirit, your ‘I Am’ higher self 
  • Energetically scan your body and invite healing to begin
  • Experience the “pure golden frequency” and Mother Mary’s garden
  • Be offered the opportunity to transmute a challenging situation with grace
  • Feel the energies moving through the full length of your spine
  • Balance the brain hemispheres via energetic reconnection
  • Truly connect with the beauty and power of your spiritual heart, getting a sense of its importance
  • Learn how easy it is to bless the land around you, wherever you may be!
  • Anchor the quantum state in the physical body

ACTIVATION 9 (19 Minutes) A review for the Shambala Center series Reflective Activation  Kenji took the participants back through the key techniques presented during the  Shambhala Center activations, in an innovative meditation that is both a review and an activation simultaneously. In this way, the key points were further consolidated, and thanks duly given to the Great Central Sun, the Masters and Angels. Kenji left the group with a reminder to be a clear and perfect channel for the power of grace, and to intend for this activation to run in the background of their lives.  This applies to all those who listen at any time to these ‘evergreen’ activations at home.  Be open to all possibilities, miracles, joy and laughter!  Choose to see the light within all people and all things.

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