2016 Integration Online Activation


Originally Broadcast on December 28
Includes Replay, Studio quality mp3 download with professional transcription


In this one hour meditational experience, we will bring forward the energy, vibration and frequency of INTEGRATION for this whole year of learning, healing, transformation and awakening.

It is important to remember to integrate your daily, weekly and monthly emotional experiences into your body and spirit so you can embody all of your innate gifts, talents and understandings.

We will journey together into those areas of unconscious resistance to change and self healing. We have an opportunity to bring forward from our shadow aspect those experiences that have been frozen in time so we can thaw them out and bring love to them. Healing then occurs.

We will use the rays and color therapy as tools for your integration. It promises to be quite a light show.

Bring your friends. Bring your family. All paths and religion are welcome. Integration is beyond creeds and philosophies.

Blessings, Kenji