Freedom Activation


Seattle May 2012 – 31 minutes
1 mp3 audio file – downloadable

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  • Clarity of Life Mission
  • Self‐Confidence
  • Resetting your Sleep Cycle
  • Clearing Allergic Symptoms
  • Strengthening your Immune System
  • Clear Shadow Self and align to deeper level with spiritual Masters and Archangels

“I listened to the Freedom Activation. Wow! I was completely blown away by the brilliance that flowed through you. I know you receive downloads but your delivery and the efficacy of the transmission would be incomplete without the simultaneous expression of both.
The clearing, healing, and receiving you guide the listener through in this clearing feels like a Re-birthing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Thank you!”  – Amy S.

We are going to offer healing prayers that anyone can do in their privacy of their home and office, in Nature, in any place of quietude and where small groups of people, family or friends can gather to offer a prayer with a particular focus of intent to all those that are:

  • Suffering in pain, injury and disease
  • In imprisonment and control of any kind
  • In self turmoil and guilt over past decisions
  • Feeling alone and despondent
  • Thinking about suicide or leaving their incarnation
  • In abusive relationships and situations
  • Confused, anxious and in desperation
  • Facing bankruptcy, divorce, separation and/or homelessness
  • Feeling test and graduation anxiety
  • Experiencing brain dysfunction and mobility and communication issues
  • Have fear and phobias from unknown origins
  • Ready for release from the victim, saboteur, prostitute and wounded inner child archetypes

We will bring forth, with the help of my ancestors/lineage, healing elementals, freedom angels, liberation masters and light beings from the celestial realms, a new and unique live quantum activation and healing prayers for the freedom of the earth and humanity.

All creeds, spiritual paths, cultures, atheists and agnostics, young and old are welcome to attend.

Originally Broadcast on July 15, 2015