2020 Special New Moon Quantum Healing Series – CLASS 1 ONLY


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New Moon on March 24
8:00-9:30 pm ET USA
90 Minutes Recorded/Replay each event


2020 Special New Moon Quantum Online Series
Extracting The Pain for your body, emotions, and mind
New Moons on March 24 –
8:00-9:30 pm ET USA
A quantum level group healing series on extracting the pain from the mental, emotional, and etheric//physical bodies. Springtime is an excellent phase for your healing and expanding your awareness into the New Earth frequency.
In class 1 you will choose one medical condition in your body and work with extracting that pattern from the genes, DNA, chromosomes and subatomic level that has kept your body in density and heaviness. 
Each 90-minute recorded class will energetically run for 28 days and the entire lunar cycle so you can complete the healing in a more conscious manner. The Full Moons that follow each class will highlight your healing and expansion. You will receive a total of 3 different levels of healing if you sign up for the series. There will be time to interact on the phone line and post Q & A and Chat posts.

This is a
group activation and Kenji will speak to each attendee as if this were a one-on-one phone session. The group energy will enhance the effectiveness of the activation and lend spiritual support for your healing. We will go into the past life connection and early childhood patterns that represent this learning lesson for your incarnation and ascension process. We may also focus on your soul agreement/contract for this lifetime as it relates to your ascension process.
New Moons are an excellent time to start new shifts in consciousness and this allows the body to receive the full cycle of healing during the 28 days of the lunar cycle. And 3 represents the power of the Trinity (Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, and the Holy Spirit, or your protons, electrons, and neutrons in your cellular body and the power of Integration.
You may choose to attend the Series or one or two of the single dates. Babies, young kids, teens, the New Millennial generation and all empaths, sensitives and new earth lightweavers are encouraged to attend. All pets and ancestors welcome on the 5th dimension.
The larger the group attendance, the more powerful the presentation and activation. We will bring forth a special entourage of healing presences specifically designed for your healing and soul elevation.
This group event has never been offered before, so if you are ready to really Shift your mind-body connection and vibrational signature, then please sign up and spread the word.
Sales end May 21
90 Minutes Recorded/Replay each event
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