2022 Special Events Mini Package 3 (5 Activations)


5 Activations
Audio & Video Activations
Over 3 Hours of Content

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This Bundle contains 5 of the Special Events for 2022, including the incredibly powerful Spring Equinox – New Beginnings/Awakenings. This bundle contains over 3 hours of audio and video content. These activations are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Activations Included:

Setting Protocols (50 Minutes)
Protocols are necessary to set your state of Being for all that you do, ie, your morning meditation/prayer time, yoga and exercise regime, time in Nature, evening meals, get together with family and friends, spiritual work, healing sessions and dream time (sleep time is just as important as conscious awake time). By setting your Protocols, you fill your space with the energy of unity, sacredness, nurturance (very important these days), loving support, healing power, meditation-like harmony and peace, vitality, focused intention, balance, peacefulness, tranquility, calm and openness.

Recorded Live January 27, 2022

Valentine’s Life Partner Activation (46 Minutes)
For all those that are ready and open to connect with their soulmate, life partner, twin flame and/or divine complement. This is a time to rejoice and celebrate the union of connection and recognition, first on the inner planes, then on the physical plane. We will go into the Akashic Records and pull forth your soul agreement with these souls and the nature of the divine purpose of such connections. It is suggested that attendees begin to work on their unconscious blocks and resistance to said connections. All past incomplete intimate relationships (marriages) will need to be resolved and healed for said connection to manifest. Inner Child wounds and trauma will need to be cleared and transmuted for said connection to occur.And your sacred womb space (sacral chakra, spine) will need to be open to said connection. So please do your homework ahead of time. Healing is meant to be joyful, not painful. Invite your Comedy Team to the event.

Recorded Live February 10, 2022

Spring Equinox – New Beginnings/Awakenings (51 Minutes)
In this special Spring activation event, we will take a deep quantum dive into your possibilities of New Beginnings and Awakenings. The Quantum Field holds all potentials and manifestations through the power of Love and Allowance. Whatever you can dream of, you can create and manifest. Whatever you daydream of, you can accomplish. Whatever you can fantasize, you can materialize. Whatever you think about, you can do on the physical plane. Spring is a time of planting your spiritual seeds into your cosmic garden. Your plan for this year will be nurtured by the Water element, the Earth element, the Fire element and the Air element. Water gives your spiritual seeds nourishment for growth; Earth holds, supports and gives energy to your seeds; Fire ignites the power within the seeds; and Air brings flow and carries your Seed Thoughts to God and the benevolent Universe for expression in divine right timing.

Recorded Live March 20, 2022

Mothers Day Blessing/Healing (36 Minutes)
Join us for a global celebration of all mothers as we give tribute and honor to the divine mother archetype and those who chose to bring forth into incarnation the light being generation of healers and teachers who are serving the planetary awakening and healing of humanity and the collective Inner Child. It is time for all mothers to receive their due, their healing and the blessing from GAIA as we all move through these challenging times of great change and transition into 5D consciousness. It is time for all mothers to clear their historical trauma, pain and suffering so they can begin to serve others from a clear and abundant space of divine clarity and purpose. We will bring forth all aspects of the Mother so we all can celebrate the gift that all mothers bring to this planet and the Elemental Kingdom. It is time for all mothers to receive their Blessings and the power of Grace into their hearts and souls. The angels surround you in gratitude for a job well done, indeed.

Recorded Live May 8, 2022

Fathers Day Blessing/Healing (40 Minutes) 
We will honor all fathers who have come upon this earth since the very beginning of civilization and those that will come here in the future so that they know our appreciation for their sacrifice and dedication, no matter how their lives turned out. We will call forth the Divine Masculine archetype and angelic presences that support the uprising and ascension of the masculine polarity of this creation. We invite all fathers to attend this live event so that they can receive the divine blessings and grace that will be offered, which will affect all fathers in all universes, great and small. Bring a candle to light this ceremony as a symbolic gesture of goodwill and gratitude for a job well done. Sanat Kumara and company will be with us in the activation.

Recorded Live June 19, 2022