2022 Stargate Package 1 (4 Activations)


4 Activations
Audio & Video Activations
Over 3 Hours of Content

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This Bundle contains four of the Stargate events for 2022, including the incredibly powerful 2:2 Stargate – Money Activation. This bundle contains over 3 hours of audio and video content. These activations are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Activations Included:

2:2 Stargate – Money Activation (50 Minutes)
It is time to remove our focus from lack to abundance, from scarcity to prosperity, from low self esteem to supreme self confidence. We will use the power of the 2:2 Stargate and the divine feminine energy to support your money transformation and the re-establishment of your money sovereignty and creatorship. In this Money Activation we will be clearing ancestral, historical, cultural and energetic concepts of money as debt to be on this planet. Untangling from the old matrix of servitude and slavery to debt for the right to be on this planet. Clearing survival fears and base chakra concepts of fear of not making it. Releasing from the collective consciousness lack, struggle, poverty and suffering. Bringing in the New Earth ideas of abundance, prosperity, ease, grace and flow. Money Angels and the Violet Flame will assist in uplifting and elevating the body and mind frequencies and clearing blocks in consciousness regarding money, power and manifesting.

2:22 Stargate – Divine Mother’s Womb (48 Minutes)
The sacred womb of the Divine Mother is reflected in your body’s sacred womb space (sacral chakra, spine) and carries the power of creation, creativity, abundance, prosperity and nurturance. Your womb space has carried painful memories and emotional trauma from lifetimes of fear, misuse, abuse, manipulation and control. It is now time for the healing of this most sacred space. We will bring in the healing Angelics, the power of the Violet Flame and St Germain, the Elemental kingdom and the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion for assistance and sacred space.The after effects of this stargate activation can manifest as emotional purging, physical cleansing and a short healing crisis (if needed). Be prepared for profound shifts in body, mind and soul. We will activate the channels of intuition, insight and inner knowing so you can begin to receive and create quantum changes in your dna, genes, chromosomes and nervous system. Allow a period of adjustment and recalibration from this evergreen and organic guided activation. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

3:3 Stargate – 3-Fold Flame Of The Heart (58 Minutes)
Each flame represents an aspect of the Divine: Will and Power, Universal Love and Compassion and Intelligent Action. All 3 are needed to remain in balance for you to express, in harmony, your soul attributes and the power of your I AM Presence. We are moving from doing to presence and the activation of your 3-Fold Flames will assist in this regard. The sacred spiritual heart contains 3 divine flames that represent your I AM Presence and the essence of Soul. Golden, Rose Pink and Cobalt Blue are the emanations of your 3 Fold Flame. The activation of your 3 Fold Flame will enable your body to express and manifest the power of your higher frequencies and keep in divine balance your sacred Trinity expression. We will invoke the love and support of the ascended master realms and the Elohim of Peace for this joyous heart opening. In addition, your Kundalini channels will begin to purify and cleanse from the density of the old matrix as you prepare for your ascension into the 5D realm of Oneness and deeper communion with your divine guides.

4:4 Stargate Activation – Light Foundation (46 Minutes)
This unique Stargate activation will focus on activating and building your energetic foundation for living in the 5th Dimension so you can utilize all the spiritual properties, gifts and ideas that are held within this quantum structure. Stargates are amplifiers and enhancers for consciousness expansion and soul growth. They can act as “doorways of perception” and assist in the initiation of the Soul into deeper realms of their Beingness and soul destiny. We will use the pillars of light of the 4 directions and the 4 elementals in conjunction with the sacred heart of the new earth, the central sun and your Mighty I AM Presence.