2022 Stargate Package 3 (4 Activations)


4 Activations
Audio & Video Activations
Over 10 Hours of Content

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This Bundle contains four of the Stargate events for 2022, including the incredibly powerful Pre 11:11 Stargate – Rainbow Light Body. This bundle contains over 10 hours of audio and video content. These activations are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Activations Included:

Pre 9:9 Stargate/Full Moon – Ascension Acceleration (47 Minutes)
We will focus on the 9:9 Stargate and the power of 9. Our focus will be on self mastery and the completion of your current growth cycle as we bring in the acceleration energy of Divine Will, the First Ray of Creation. This is an initiation event that will help trigger and accelerate your movement forward along your ascension pathway. You will receive, according to your belief and trust in self, exactly what you are ready to integrate into your daily life. Your gifts, talents and innate abilities are ready to flower and blossom into existence as you prepare your body temple to become more Light and Wisdom. We will align with the Divine Mysteries, the Unseen, the Unknown and the Magic of Creation. Your support team for this event will be the Council of 9 and its emissaries of Light. Prepare beforehand your body and mind to be open to all possibilities of transformation, illumination, empowerment and liberation.

Recorded Live September 8, 2022

10:10 Stargate – New Soul Pathway (51 Minutes)
We will journey into the power of the double 10. 10 represents completion and the vibration of the mystical. We will take the mystical inner journey to activate your leadership skills, new beginnings and your unlimited potential for creation and manifestation. We are moving out of the old space-time matrix of limitation and polarity and into the new earth matrix of unlimited thought and spiritual expansion.You now have the opportunity to create a new soul pathway, one that is free of the effects of dualistic thinking, polarity judgements and energetic suffering, so to speak. This 10:10 Stargate event will hold the space for you to create a new life, a new matrix, a new template, a new resonance, a new calibration and a new synchronicity of how you choose to be, to live and to express with the power of your I AM. Your latent DNA will be activated so you can begin to use your supernatural powers from your home world, your star system.

Recorded Live October 10, 2022

Pre 11:11 Stargate – Rainbow Light Body (63 Minutes)
The 11:11 Stargate, or Portal is another grand opening to the celestial realms beyond space, time and distance. The 11:11 is literally a “quantum doorway or passage” that allows easy access and alignment to the Unknown beyond the veil; to the core of Stillness, to the center of Creation, to the Stillpoint of our Beingness. Think of 11:11 as a free pass into the Oneness of your Being, to the heart of Creation, to the depths of the Divine and the Infinite. Your body’s Light CoEfficient will be raised and enhanced through the activation and your journey through the Stargate. The more divine light your body can carry, the more conscious you become, the more efficient you become, the more grace will come through you and the more blessings will channel through you to the world. The Light heals the body and the emotions. The Light heals the mind and reconnects your mind-body matrix.

Recorded Live November 10, 2022

12:12 Stargate: 12-D Meditation (49 Minutes)
Opportunity is the Key Word here for this activational event. We can use the power of the 12:12 Gateway to enhance, empower enliven, enrich, elevate and enlighten any endeavor we so choose, any action we choose to take, any ideas we wish to create and enjoy, and simply – we have the power to create our reality on the levels we wish to create on. In this activation, we will be supported by the cosmic 12:12 Team. You get to choose the 12 who will be present with us and support us in our re-creations. Any realm within the 9th to 12 dimensions of Earth, or Tara, or GAIA will be available to you, for you and with you. We are learning to navigate the 12th dimensions, or all of the 12 dimensions.

Recorded Live December 12, 2022