2022 Stargate Package (12 Activations)


12 Activations
Audio & Video Activations
Over 9 Hours of Content

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This Bundle contains all the Stargate events for 2022, including the incredibly powerful 6:6 Stargate Activation – DNA Healing. This bundle contains over 9 hours of audio and video content. These activations are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Activations Included:

2:2 Stargate – Money Activation (50 Minutes)
It is time to remove our focus from lack to abundance, from scarcity to prosperity, from low self esteem to supreme self confidence. We will use the power of the 2:2 Stargate and the divine feminine energy to support your money transformation and the re-establishment of your money sovereignty and creatorship. In this Money Activation we will be clearing ancestral, historical, cultural and energetic concepts of money as debt to be on this planet. Untangling from the old matrix of servitude and slavery to debt for the right to be on this planet. Clearing survival fears and base chakra concepts of fear of not making it. Releasing from the collective consciousness lack, struggle, poverty and suffering. Bringing in the New Earth ideas of abundance, prosperity, ease, grace and flow. Money Angels and the Violet Flame will assist in uplifting and elevating the body and mind frequencies and clearing blocks in consciousness regarding money, power and manifesting.

Recorded Live February 2, 2022

2:22 Stargate – Divine Mother’s Womb (48 Minutes)
The sacred womb of the Divine Mother is reflected in your body’s sacred womb space (sacral chakra, spine) and carries the power of creation, creativity, abundance, prosperity and nurturance. Your womb space has carried painful memories and emotional trauma from lifetimes of fear, misuse, abuse, manipulation and control. It is now time for the healing of this most sacred space. We will bring in the healing Angelics, the power of the Violet Flame and St Germain, the Elemental kingdom and the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion for assistance and sacred space.The after effects of this stargate activation can manifest as emotional purging, physical cleansing and a short healing crisis (if needed). Be prepared for profound shifts in body, mind and soul. We will activate the channels of intuition, insight and inner knowing so you can begin to receive and create quantum changes in your dna, genes, chromosomes and nervous system. Allow a period of adjustment and recalibration from this evergreen and organic guided activation. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

Recorded Live February 22, 2022

3:3 Stargate – 3-Fold Flame Of The Heart (58 Minutes)
Each flame represents an aspect of the Divine: Will and Power, Universal Love and Compassion and Intelligent Action. All 3 are needed to remain in balance for you to express, in harmony, your soul attributes and the power of your I AM Presence. We are moving from doing to presence and the activation of your 3-Fold Flames will assist in this regard. The sacred spiritual heart contains 3 divine flames that represent your I AM Presence and the essence of Soul. Golden, Rose Pink and Cobalt Blue are the emanations of your 3 Fold Flame. The activation of your 3 Fold Flame will enable your body to express and manifest the power of your higher frequencies and keep in divine balance your sacred Trinity expression. We will invoke the love and support of the ascended master realms and the Elohim of Peace for this joyous heart opening. In addition, your Kundalini channels will begin to purify and cleanse from the density of the old matrix as you prepare for your ascension into the 5D realm of Oneness and deeper communion with your divine guides.

Recorded Live March 3, 2022

4:4 Stargate Activation – Light Foundation (46 Minutes)
This unique Stargate activation will focus on activating and building your energetic foundation for living in the 5th Dimension so you can utilize all the spiritual properties, gifts and ideas that are held within this quantum structure. Stargates are amplifiers and enhancers for consciousness expansion and soul growth. They can act as “doorways of perception” and assist in the initiation of the Soul into deeper realms of their Beingness and soul destiny. We will use the pillars of light of the 4 directions and the 4 elementals in conjunction with the sacred heart of the new earth, the central sun and your Mighty I AM Presence.

Recorded Live April 4, 2022

5:5 Stargate – Chakra Healing (51 Minutes)
We will be supported by the 5:5 Stargate and the celestial angelics in the activation. Your total chakra system has a support system of angelic, ascended master, elemental and celestial presences that helps alignment and balancing to the higher frequencies of healing and manifestation. We will guide you in a spontaneous chakra meditation so you can experience and begin to embody the 5D-7D frequencies of empowerment. The goal is to balance your power centers so that you can move more freely into 5D living and manifestation. The Guides will be present to help you open up to the healing frequencies inherent within each chakra center through celestial colors and tones, light language, sacred mathematics and geometry and divine archetypes. This presentation will have positive effects on your spiritual dna, Akash,, endocrine system and Crystal Palace in the brain.

Recorded Live May 5, 2022

6:6 Stargate Activation – DNA Healing (55 Minutes)
This special event will focus on the power of the 6:6 Stargate, DNA healing and the rebalancing of your brain function, endocrine system, limbic system and your body’s holy trinity of protons, electrons and neutrons. Your DNA is everywhere – in the cells of your body, in your field, in your light bodies, in your Akashic Records, in your Soul, in your I AM Presence. Your DNA is that structure that holds the cosmic energy for manifestation on all your planes of existence and expression. Without your DNA, you could not manifest or materialize. It is like a quantum webbing, a cosmic spider web or a silkworm’s web, highly flexible yet very strong and resilient. We will journey into a spontaneous guided meditation that will ignite, empower, initiate and enhance your innate ability to manifest, to create, to envision with divine inspiration your soul path and destiny. We will work with the Christ Light of Creation in restructuring and reorganizing your DNA sequencing, your gene pool and RNA messaging. There will be many Guides of your choosing to support the inner journey of awakening and resurrection.

Recorded Live June 6, 2022

7:7 Sacred 7 Stargate – Clearing Family Bindings (57 Minutes)
We are going to use the spiritual power of the 7:7 Stargate to initiate the clearing of family bindings, attachments, energy cords and enmeshments. We need to be clear of all such entanglements if we are to ascend to 5D and beyond and live in a new earth reality. These old and ancient attachments have binded us in limitation, suffering and pain. Much of humanity has inherited ancient “miasms’ of mental illness and disease. Our genes, chromosomes and dna have been affected by family karmic patterns of false beliefs, money limitations, mental body judgments, church doctrine, political fake news and societal pressures, mores and conditioning that today, no longer apply to the lightweaver and world server. We will initiate the healing of these imprints and unconscious programming so our souls can be set free to manifest our true destiny and purpose. The mystical 7 stargate energies will support and help accelerate rapid change and transformation within your personality ego and 4 Lower Bodies for the clearing of these bindings and attachments. It is time to be set free from all family conditioning. We cannot carry emotional baggage into the new age of enlightenment. No carry-on baggage , as they say.

Recorded Live July 7, 2022

8:8 Lionsgate Activation (55 Minutes)
This year brings a most powerful, impactful, and far-reaching 8:8 Lionsgate as many lightworkers are ready for advanced self-empowerment and Soul expansion. In today’s evergreen presentation, you will receive quantum level encodements, sub-atomic cellular activations, and re-framing of your Light Bodies templates. In addition, you will receive magnetic field reconstruction and re-wiring to hold the ascension frequencies of universal love. We will align with and merge with the power of Grace & Blessings for your auric field and 36 chakra system as well as your kundalini channels, the Chrism, and Crystal Palace (Cave of Brahma). Your pineal cavity will receive an up-leveling to the 12 Rays of Creation and your Thymus gland, upgrading for a stronger immune system.

Recorded Live August 8, 2022

Pre 9:9 Stargate/Full Moon – Ascension Acceleration (47 Minutes)
We will focus on the 9:9 Stargate and the power of 9. Our focus will be on self mastery and the completion of your current growth cycle as we bring in the acceleration energy of Divine Will, the First Ray of Creation. This is an initiation event that will help trigger and accelerate your movement forward along your ascension pathway. You will receive, according to your belief and trust in self, exactly what you are ready to integrate into your daily life. Your gifts, talents and innate abilities are ready to flower and blossom into existence as you prepare your body temple to become more Light and Wisdom. We will align with the Divine Mysteries, the Unseen, the Unknown and the Magic of Creation. Your support team for this event will be the Council of 9 and its emissaries of Light. Prepare beforehand your body and mind to be open to all possibilities of transformation, illumination, empowerment and liberation.

Recorded Live September 8, 2022

10:10 Stargate – New Soul Pathway (51 Minutes)
We will journey into the power of the double 10. 10 represents completion and the vibration of the mystical. We will take the mystical inner journey to activate your leadership skills, new beginnings and your unlimited potential for creation and manifestation. We are moving out of the old space-time matrix of limitation and polarity and into the new earth matrix of unlimited thought and spiritual expansion.You now have the opportunity to create a new soul pathway, one that is free of the effects of dualistic thinking, polarity judgements and energetic suffering, so to speak. This 10:10 Stargate event will hold the space for you to create a new life, a new matrix, a new template, a new resonance, a new calibration and a new synchronicity of how you choose to be, to live and to express with the power of your I AM. Your latent DNA will be activated so you can begin to use your supernatural powers from your home world, your star system.

Recorded Live October 10, 2022

Pre 11:11 Stargate – Rainbow Light Body (63 Minutes)
The 11:11 Stargate, or Portal is another grand opening to the celestial realms beyond space, time and distance. The 11:11 is literally a “quantum doorway or passage” that allows easy access and alignment to the Unknown beyond the veil; to the core of Stillness, to the center of Creation, to the Stillpoint of our Beingness. Think of 11:11 as a free pass into the Oneness of your Being, to the heart of Creation, to the depths of the Divine and the Infinite. Your body’s Light CoEfficient will be raised and enhanced through the activation and your journey through the Stargate. The more divine light your body can carry, the more conscious you become, the more efficient you become, the more grace will come through you and the more blessings will channel through you to the world. The Light heals the body and the emotions. The Light heals the mind and reconnects your mind-body matrix.

Recorded Live November 10, 2022

12:12 Stargate: 12-D Meditation (49 Minutes)
Opportunity is the Key Word here for this activational event. We can use the power of the 12:12 Gateway to enhance, empower enliven, enrich, elevate and enlighten any endeavor we so choose, any action we choose to take, any ideas we wish to create and enjoy, and simply – we have the power to create our reality on the levels we wish to create on. In this activation, we will be supported by the cosmic 12:12 Team. You get to choose the 12 who will be present with us and support us in our re-creations. Any realm within the 9th to 12 dimensions of Earth, or Tara, or GAIA will be available to you, for you and with you. We are learning to navigate the 12th dimensions, or all of the 12 dimensions.

Recorded Live December 12, 2022