2023 Full Moon Package


6 Meditation Activations
Over 4 hours of content
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This Bundle contains all 6 of the Full Moon Events of 2023. This bundle contains over 4 hours of content. The activations in these classes are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released. Like all my activations, listening to them repeatedly will increase their effects.

In this package you will receive:

Full Moon – Clarity Attunement (50 Minutes):
Given the current state of affairs on the planet and within Humanity, one of the major energies that is most relevant now is the vibration and frequency of Clarity. Many lightweavers and those that are serving Humanity are being challenged with the right direction, right purpose and right focus. Many in the general population are sitting on the fence and wondering what to do next, how to make their next move, where to live, how to re-create their healing practice and business, how to make things work in a world that is collapsing and falling apart. How do you fit in a world that is becoming more dysfunctional and chaotic? As the Hathors have said through Tom Kenyon for many years now, the Earth is in a chaotic node, meaning we are in a transition zone where things are unstable, uncertain and in doubt. How are we to make sense of all this?

Spring Equinox – Pre New Moon – Seeds Of Light (44 Minutes):
Spring is the time to plant seeds and this Spring Equinox New Moon is a desirable time to plant seed-thoughts. The New Moon in the astrological cycle symbolizes new beginnings and the initiation of new ideas and intentional manifestation. Activate your Light Seeds or Light Codes with this unique activational event to empower your life and destiny in a new way in these rapidly changing and shifting times. Activate your spiritual centers in alignment with the ascension of Gaia, the Natural Kingdoms on Earth and the Spiritual Realms. Invite a friend or two to listen with you as Kenji guides participants into the higher dimensions where these necessary changes for us all are supported by the Seraphim, the Elohim and the Celestial Guardians of Light. The conditions are optimum during a New Moon to learn to align with these renewing energies and the Spring Equinox so your intentions can take root. You will become aware of lights that are not of this Earth as you and your guides ascend out of duality and polarity.

Solar Eclipse/ New Moon – Chakra Healing (54 Minutes):
This Solar Eclipse coincides with a New Moon making this a powerful opportunity to unblock, release and heal your chakras and your entire energy system. Release energy blocks in your four lower bodies, the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. A new beginning supported by the New Moon is the perfect time to enact change by re-calibrating, cleansing and purifying yourself. Kenji leads you on a deep dive to align your energetic foundation. This healing will pave the way for you to enjoy more harmony and balance in our changing world. The Chakra Angels and Devas will support this psychic tune-up of your chakras and your entire field.

Full Moon-Light Meditation (46 Minutes):
Join us for a powerful and much-needed peace and light meditation for GAIA, humanity and the Devic Kingdom. The theme for the year is Change. Change on all levels of evolution and creation. As the Earth goes, so does the Universe and our quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. We will bring forward a powerful and in-sightful Light meditation for Earth Mother. All those that are ready will receive the Light and the Blessings. Gracing the world will be a joyous experience for body and mind. The councils of Light will join us for the celebration of soul communion and the receiving of the solar energy of Awakening. Your Light Bodies will receive a powerful infusion of divine Light that will be integrated into your brain in divine right timing.

New Moon Higher Consciousness Meditation (43 Minutes):
Join us for a New Moon Higher Consciousness Meditation as we continue to move through the density of the earth changes and collective spiritual awakening. This New Moon is an excellent time to raise our consciousness beyond the 4th density and into the higher dimensions of creative thought and manifestation. The Earth is experiencing much dis-stress and this collective gathering of Starseeds will assist in the de-stressing of the planetary grid system and chakra system, not to mention the de-stressing of your nervous and glandular systems. We will do a spontaneous guided meditation and empowerment activation to clear our fields, release unwanted density and clear the unconscious emotional stress of this planetary transition phase which the Hathors have called “a chaotic node”.

Full Moon-Christ Initiation (41 Minutes):
In this special Full Moon-christmas-time activation to celebrate the birth and teachings of all the Christed Masters, we will journey with the Christ team and Angelics into the inner realms of love and light to a special ceremonial interdimensional space to receive a christ-infused and inspired initiation that will propel you onto your spiritual destiny and path of awakening that would not normally be available in ordinary circumstances. This inner journey is brought forth through the power of Grace and Blessings from our Creator and helping creator beings. Think of this event as an anointing of the crown and heart chakras; as a bestowal of light upon your Being; and as a robe of many colors placed upon and around your physical body. Initiations are completions, acknowledgements and recognitions of lessons learned and completed, so if you feel you are coming to the end of a cycle and ready for your next step, then this presentation is for you and your guardian angels. Profound changes may occur from this event, so be prepared for the unexpected and miracles of one order or another. This is a gathering of Love for all those that are ready to receive.