21 Days of Summer Wellness Package


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    Freedom Activation MP3 (retail value $40)
    For freeing up your latent light force and I AM Presence in the body
    From Seattle May 2012 – 31 minutes

    Guided Meditations Activation of Power Centers 1 and 2 MP3s (retail value $45)
    #1 - Self Empowerment and Activating the Power Centers from Seattle 2011 – 15 minutes
    #2 - Deeper activation of the Green Disc, Sun Chakra, Soul Matrix, Original 8 Cells and the sacred tri-angulation within the brain for whole body shifting and manifesting in physical reality (the illusion). Activation of the healing power of the brain and energizing the immune system for balanced empathy - from Seattle Jan. 2012 – 30 minutes

    Soul Journey MP3 (retail value $25.00)
    Merkabah guided journey for reclaiming and gathering up Soul fragments (spaced-out aspects) and frozen-in-time experiences (stuck places) for Auric Field coherency and unity with the physical body. Re-setting the pineal, pituitary and thalamus regions of the brain - from Jan. 2012 – 30 minutes

    Total Value: $110.00
    Your Special Price for the 21 Days of Summer Wellness: $49

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