Transmuting Loss and Grief Activation Replay


– journey into divine alchemy –
A Pre-Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Event

Recorded Thursday, September 15th, 2016
Online Teleseminar


This Activation on Transmuting Loss and Grief (from any point in your timeline) is nothing short of amazing and definitely ALCHEMY! This journey is titled a transmutation rather than healing, because it is a deep journey into your Alchemy! (Whenever you listen to this it will also be the Lunar Eclipse event)

If you want results that feel like a seemingly magical process has happened because you will feel a shift, this activation is it!

When you find yourself going through some rough waves as world events are dictating confusion and conflict and not-knowing, and on some level you can become on guard or hyper vigilant because of what is in the news. We are still being affected by world event even if we are not reading the news.  With this Activation Kenji brings into effect a triple layer protection for your field.

This is also for anyone who is experiencing loss and trauma of any kind; money, job, loved one, pet, friend, marriage, home, finance. We may find ourselves questioning our faith and if there is really a God. We are also challenged to allow ourselves to lose, in a good way, some of our historical values and beliefs that aren’t working anymore.  

In this activation you will be supported in comfort to move through these tough places of pain, loss, grief, and incessant thoughts, by accessing the transmuting realm of oneness and experience deep transformation.  You will receive the wisdom deep within the heart and access powerful symbolism to to released stored emotional pain from anytime in your life, and energize newly planted seeds of love, compassion and blessings on your timeline of past present and future.

Alignment brought forth will balance the emotional, physical and ethereal bodies bringing a calming effect to the emotional center of the brain, that is generally reactive and allow the release of energy that is not yours, and may have become toxic to your body and consciousness.

By resetting and recalibrating areas of the body that were affected by emotions, you will be moved to feel a renewed sense of understanding, peace, joy, love and appreciation. Awakening every level of consciousness in Divine right timing, you will bring back more of your spirit and light into your physical life. This is to support you to become more and more aware of your own conscious ability to make free choice as to how you experience loss and how to take follow up action directed by your spirit.