Three Guided Meditation Video Attunements from the Master Series One Prairiewoods Retreat Intensive 2011


Prairiewoods Retreat Intensive 2011 Recordings



Video taped live Guided Meditation attunements from the “Master Series One” Prairiewoods 3-Day Retreat Intensive 2011. 3 attunements. Receive the QL attunements for self empowerment, aligning with the Unified Field, receiving bliss and oneness and unity consciousness. These meditations will strengthen your healing and creativity skills, improve your relationships and bring forward a stronger Source connection.These attunements will help you to release stress and tension, clear your mind chatter, improve your health and add a dimension of well-being that was missing before. Raise your self-esteem like never before! Do not listen while driving or operating machinery. – 1 Hour 30 Minutes

(3 video files – downloadable)