Meditation / Attunement Bundle from 12 Quantum Lightweaving® 3-Day Intensives


Recorded in Santa Fe, NM



Audio taped Live Meditation Attunements from 12 Quantum Lightweaving® 3-Day Intensives from 2008-2010 (61 meditation attunements) for self empowerment, healing traumas, spiritual clearing work, re-birthing, time travel, downloading, new Earth energetics and much more. Your life and healing skills will transform through these attunements. Repeated listening will clear your sub-conscious blocks to manifesting and allow you to naturally and effortlessly create the life of plenty that you are desiring. Recommended as a daily meditation for the whole family. Listen until integrated. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery. – 16+ hours

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(60 mp3 audio files – downloadable)