Quantum Key to Activate Abundance — Activate Wealth & Well-Being (Package)


Guided Journey to Abundance:
4 MP3 Activations
4 Hours of Audio


“How do I activate abundance?!”

A question I get asked A LOT.

There is a mindset shift that took me from a poverty mindset into one of abundance.  It is an activation within the mind and the heart.  Once it clicks, you’ve found your abundance key.

This is a 4 part series is designed to help you find your quantum abundance key.  

First, we will Activate your Awareness to the idea of an abundant mindset

Then, we will focus on the basics of using Quantum Meditation to get what you want in life: think about your soul desires.

Next, you will be guided to Finding Your Abundance Keys.  Discover your success signature.

Finally, with this foundation, we will guide you to Accelerate into your Infinite Possibilities.  

What You Get:

  • 4 Hours of Audio
  • 4 Guided Mp3 Activations

Activations Included:

  • Activate Your Awareness Activation
    Kenji invokes blessings from the angels and ascended masters and with grace guides you through this activation divinely created in the quantum. This includes blessings of exponential growth, expansion, prosperity, abundance, blessings of higher consciousness and the vision of truth while we bring forth the New Earth consciousness through our joyful awakening.
  • Art of Quantum Meditation ActivationIn this powerful attunement, Kenji asks you to release all expectations of what you will experience in meditation, and enter a field of imagination where you have the ability to manifest with ease and grace.  As the voyager, you will move into the Stillness at the doorway of Creation to receive your next vibrational awareness, your next level of empowerment and self-healing, and your next level of Illumination.  This is a deep and profound journey into the Void, and you will return from this Quantum journey with new frequencies.  You will also be given a special blessing and gift of etheric Angel/Fairy Dust to use in your life, wherever it is needed.
  • Keys To Your KingdomThis event is for anyone desiring to find and embrace their success signature in a climate of trust and loving support. Young and old alike are invited – no matter your cultural, religious or spiritual path. The activation will support where ever you are at, and help move you to the next level of spiritual awakening into Eternal Peace and well being.
  • Acceleration Into PossibilityIn this recording Kenji teaches how to effortlessly merge into the unified field of oneness and helps bring your awareness into the still point, free of all worldly concerns in to a ready state to deeply receive.  After about a 30:00 minute class room training Kenji leads the live group into a live activation meditation  leading the brain into a very deep delta state where you can consciously (re)connect yourself with your I AM presence and live more fully on the earth plane.