Change Your Life Forever (6 Part Series)


Approximately 4.5 Total Hours
6 MP3 Downloads – Immediate Access


A new doorway was opened during this course creating higher frequencies and a new pathway to expanded awareness and higher consciousness.

This series of lessons and activations allow you to do a thorough cleanup and clean-out of limiting beliefs.  You co-create a new inner pathway filled with light and love.  Every cell of your being is filled with worth, value, respect, power and recognition of all you are.  To participate all you do is simply choose to receive and you will be given all that you need to receive abundance, joy and bliss … with ease and simplicity.

Our Quantum Curriculum:

Class One: Beyond Personal Identity
49 Min 19 Sec

Moving through the archetypes of transformation, divine alchemy and the ego personality. Thought imagination, felt sensing through a holistic worldview.

Class Two: The Law of Acceptance, Allowance and Forgiveness
47 Min 03 Sec

Transformation beyond healing through non-doing and non-effort. Living in the now, initiating change with divine intervention and the angelic shields.

Class Three: The Power of Grace and the Law of One
33 Min 53 Sec

Using the rainbow of light and sound to create internal shifts in perception. We are soul family.

Class Four: The Power of Your Soul Signature, Soul Essence & Soul Matrix
37 Min 35 Sec

Tapping into your Akashic records of wisdom and knowledge. Tapping into the sacred heart and portal to the Soul.

Class Five: The Over-Soul and the Many Lives in the Now
34 Min 42 Sec

Orchestrating the many dances of lifetimes in the matrix. Transcending the law of cause and effect.

Class Six: Embodiment of the Most Powerful Energy on Earth
42 Min 53 Sec

Using sacred space and the oneness for manifesting your divine purpose on earth. Moving beyond thought. The phoenix rising.