4:4 Stargate Activation – Light Foundation


Activation Meditation
Instant Download
Audio + Video
46 mins



This unique Stargate activation will focus on activating and building your energetic foundation for living in the 5th Dimension so you can utilize all the spiritual properties, gifts and ideas that are held within this quantum structure. Stargates are amplifiers and enhancers for consciousness expansion and soul growth. They can act as “doorways of perception” and assist in the initiation of the Soul into deeper realms of their Beingness and soul destiny. We will use the pillars of light of the 4 directions and the 4 elementals in conjunction with the sacred heart of the new earth, the central sun and your Mighty I AM Presence.

Join us for another spontaneous journey into the Quantum realm of many possibilities. This journey will depend on the focus of the group in attendance as to what is brought forth and with whom (the Guides). The Light you seek depends on your openness and ability to receive in oneness. What is given today, is given for all Eternity. Blessed are those that are open to receiving. Ask and you shall receive.

Your pets are most welcome to attend. Unicorn power for your pets.

Recorded live April 4, 2022