2020 New Year Meditation – 1/1 @ 1PM


Near Year 2020 Meditation (w/ replay/download)
Instant Teleseminar

Jan 1st, 1PM EST / 10AM PST (30 mins)

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Join us for a powerful 1:1 at 1 pm meditational activation to set your quantum tone for your New Year of Miracles. This will be a spontaneous channeled vibrational alignment to what is possible for your expanded awakening into the new earth matrix.
We will be calling in the 5th-12th Dimensional Matrix of Peace and Transformation as we release ourselves from the old matrix of space-time, pain, and suffering. This process will take approximately 7 sacred earth days, so be prepared for amazing internal shifts and changes.
We will focus on the crystal palace, the pineal-pituitary connection, your 3rd Eye and Crown chakras, the CSF and the central channel of your spine for healing the mind-body split.
It is suggested you allow one hour post-event time to relax and integrate the activation. Drink water. Invite your pets, ancestors and family members to attend.